Nothing to stop me from being happy

There is always something devastating to hear or read about in our daily lives, however I'm here to say that I just got married a few days ago. I'm on cloud nine still from the event that showered my heart with a lot of love that day. I put my aches and pains away for one day to concentrate on this beautiful occasion.

There was death in the family a month ago that devastated us all in the hospital when my bro in law died. There was about 50 of us on the same hospital floor when he died and all at the same time the floor was echoing the screams of grief. This man was the oldest of the siblings and a strong role model for the young ones. He was so loved by the poor community and from the richest of the souls who surrounded him on a daily basis. The whole floor was grieving in such pain, the outcome was....we all were there for each other to love and comfort after his passing.

We all learned to live each day to the fullest. I asked his son if his uncle and I could marry the next month and if it wasn't too soon. He said, "Auntie, my father would have been happy to see this event happen...this is a celebration of life." He took the place of his father as the best man. After the wedding he said, 'You are my auntie forever!"

Look around you and be blessed. Share the love. Spread the peace. Help find a cure. Live today with dreams coming true as I am today. I have diabetes 2, hypothroidism, and I'm almost deaf.....what I really have is a life. Stand up for your life and take control.

I have, what are you waiting for? Now in college full time at 41, work full time, advocate on the side for all types of causes whether medically or abuse of all natures. Full time mother and grandmother and most of a newly wed wife of my hubby of 10 years.

There is so much to look forward too. Peace.

You look wonderful guys! And you look so beautiful Pat! Congratulations. Hugs my friend…so happy for you. I would have loved to see you then. The photos (on FB) was next to being there! I wish you guys the best!

You two look great. Congratulations!

I am so happy fo you Patti…What a wonderful picture and positive outlook. You are a giving, caring woman.

God Bless you and your family, dear


Congratulations on your recent marriage! I wish you the best of luck with many years of happiness down the road! Life is so hard, and we all need to focus on the happiness we find along the way! Again, congrats!!!

The wedding was hard to do in 3 months when a month away my husband’s brother had passed. There was alot of tears of happiness to put some light into a terrible moment. My husband stood strong thru all this and I admired him for it. He gave me a princess wedding that I’ve always wanted. Thanks for all the congrats, there will be more to look forward to. Patti

What a delightfully lovely post! Congratulations!

so awesome!

wonderful! congrats! nice to see you without the sunglasses. :slight_smile:

Wish you both many more happy sunny moments , even if some rain will fall from time to time .

LOL @ Marie…I lost my diabetes sunglasses, so I’ve been forced to show off my sexy eyes JK Just like the nails can’t wait to take them off awwwwww. Smile

Keep smiling Patti and enjoy life!!!

Congratulations & wishing you many joyful years together. You have a wise nephew. It is a celebration of life.

Congratulations!!! sorry it took me sometime to check my page… but I’m happy for you!!!