November 1st blog

I thought about trying to write a blog everyday for the month of November, seeing as there are so many other diabetics on board with this idea.

I thought I'd start by stating 14 yrs with type 1 and counting, pregnant, and my life couldn't be going more perfectly, I am healthy and very happy in my life right now.

But I did want to share one important story for the first post:
My diagnosis day: shes
I remember just a week before my mother and I were called back by our doctor, my mom had to fight tooth and nail for my blood work, the doctor (having little to no experience with type 1's) kept insisting my mother was wrong. She (the dr) kept stating its the flu (This was in Dauphin MB at the time of "beaver fever") so the flu was common at this time, but my mother just knew it wasn't any flu.
So the dr finally agreed that an excess of 14ltrs yes LITRES! of water a day to drink and still be thirsty was a good sign something maybe off other than the flu, she ordered the blood work.
Back to the call back day, our dr called us in and I remember her telling me and my mom that yes it was diabetes, my only concern at the time was needles or pills (thats all I knew about diabetes). When she said needles, I yelled at her "i'd rather die than take needles for the rest of my life!". And I was serious too, but I looked at my mother and she started to cry, from that point on I kept what I truly felt about the ordeal inside. I cant stand seeing my mother cry.
Shortly after I was tested for Ketones, I had severe keto-acidosis, (however you spell that) so I was hospitalized on December 22nd 1996.
Christmas was ok though, got a good visit from a sneaky Mrs Claus, who at first gave me a bag of candy and oranges, then a nurse came in and exclaimed "she cant have that, she is being monitored". Mrs Claus left and came back shortly after to give me one single candy cain, It was the sweetest gesture I had experienced or have experienced in the longest time. Thank you Mrs Claus (who ever you really are).

My time spent in the hospital flew by, after xmas my dr came in for a visit, I could already see she had more bad news, being my dr for my entire life, she was like family. She requested we go for a walk outside, it was a warmer winter day, and she told me I had an over-active thyroid, 4 pills 3 times/day and we'll see it may calm down. She couldn't quite tell me it was called Graves Disease (scary name).
I then met Dr DEAN, the greatest children's diabetes specialist ever, she still emails me from time to time.
everything started to sink in, but it took 3 long years for me to start taking control over what seemed like an uncontrollable life. Since all this my sugars and health have improved immensely but its freakin hard work, some days like all of us, i just want to say NO, I'm tired and sick of having to deal today, i will NOT check my sugars, and I WILL have this entire chocolate bar! I need days like that very few and far between but they let me know, I'm still in charge.

Wow! That is quite a story. I agree that some days you just have to live a little. I can’t choke back a WHOLE bar these days, but a couple of bites now and again don’t hurt. Good luck, and be well!