Novolin regular insulin no longer available in penfill cartridges

I was recently told by my pharmacy that Novolin-R is no longer being made in penfill cartridges and is only available in vials for syringes. Humalin R (made by Lily) was never made for the pen so I guess I will have to learn how to use a syringe once I run out. It seems Novo Nordisk really doesn’t want people to use regular insulin. I know it is much cheaper than the analogs, so perhaps they are not making enough profit? Anybody know about this? The pharmacist said he thought that not enough people used it. I have contacted the company to see if I can get the scoop.

I started with using a syringe for both of my insulins. It is not that hard it is just more time consuming.

I got a message back from the company to tell me that they DO still make the Penfill cartridges. I don’t know what the problem is with Caremark, my mail-in pharmacy, but I am not happy that they sent me vials twice and gave me wrong information. Spending hours on hold to be misinformed is not how I like to spend my free time!

I am a weirdo, but in addition to my other two insulins, I also take Regular - one small injection at about 2 a.m. to control my dawn phenomenon. It is the only one that is timed to work for the situation (and took me years to discover this). Since my insurance will only pay for two different insulins, I pay for the R out of pocket, and would be a mad woman if they discontinued making it, even in vials.