Obama Healthcare is Here...NOW WHAT?

Simply Obama Health care is here…NOW WHAT?


It took Hitler 6 years to start killing his citizens.

There is NOTHING a Type 1 could EVER do to prevent them from getting Diabetes that I know of Tom. So ,yeah it drives up costs and services get used but what else can a T1 do…suggestions? Many ,many illnesses drive up costs,let’s not put “D” up at the top.

I say that this is a Diabetes forum, and not a politics forum… and that there are groups made expressly for this kind of discussion… And at this point, all I see this this particular discussion’s purpose, is only for flaming, or stirring up emotions, and nothing useful…

You may care to read http://www.jtf.org/america/america.terri.schiavo.htm he started with the sick and elderly.

Pray that their heart is in the right place. It will not be fun if they start telling you how many times a day you should be testing, and when they start telling you which complications and at what age it is worth treating a condition and when it isn’t. Eventually when the system runs out of money that it already does not have, government decisions on what gets treated and what not and when it will be treated, will be the end result. Go have a 5 minute conversation with a patient that has come to this country for a treatment from a country that has socialized medicine and you will understand this concept clearer.

I am not rich (in fact I live pay check to pay check) and could loose coverage anytime, but I cannot be greedy and accept a reform that is not thought out all the way and done the right way just because there are one or two things in it that sound very good to my situation. I have kids and eventually will have grandkids. I want a system that they can benefit from as well, and not one that they have to struggle with worse than the problems we face today.

We really need change in health care; I am just not convinced this is the one. We were promised transparency and openness; this process definitely did not demonstrate any of that and that is also scary to me.

“Simply Obama Health care is here…NOW WHAT?”

Now we start fighting to improve the bill. Now we start the harder process of bringing the insurance companies to their knees. Now we start thinking how we can make this a better bill for all people (including those of you who are too inundated with FOX talking points to see the reality of what is happening–and yes, sadly, including those of you who feel no remorse for a man with Parkinson’s disease when you mock him and throw money at him like he’s a stripper).

It’s a positive step forward, but it’s not the end of the journey. As diabetics we should all be rejoicing, as compassionate human beings we should all be rejoicing, how sad to see that some would rather people die because of their political ideologies that have blinded them to some very simply truths that transcend politics if only they would take a minute to open their mind and think clearly for a second.

yeah I’m not impressed with how this bill got pushed thru and still waiting for some clear reporting on what is in this bill - I don’t care about the close vote or drama behind it I want to know the facts about what it is but don’t have the time to try and digest the bill

“It will not be fun if they start telling you how many times a day you should be testing, and when they start telling you which complications and at what age it is worth treating a condition and when it isn’t.”

As opposed to what? You’re claiming this will be a byproduct of the new bill? In case you haven’t noticed insurance companies are already doing exactly that. When they tell you they’ll only pay for so many strips a month their telling you how often to test a day. The second part is just FOX/Palin nonsense that has nothing to do with the reality of the bill. However, it IS something insurance companies DO today. That’s what they mean when they drop your coverage halfway through your treatment, or right after diagnosis of a serious illness. Except now they don’t care if you’re young or old, they just deny you at any age.

“Go have a 5 minute conversation with a patient that has come to this country for a treatment from a country that has socialized medicine and you will understand this concept clearer.”

Yes, PLEASE do come have a conversation with ME! I come from a country that has “socialized” medicine and I can tell you with all honesty I dearly miss it. There are few things I truly miss of my country, but this demonized “socialized” healthcare is one of them. The problem is that the people you are thinking about are the “guests” on FOX who have been brought specifically to scare you. They’re like an infomercial . . . barely speaking any truth at all.

found this at the dailybeast.com
Health-care reform may have been historic, but many of its biggest reforms won’t take place for at least a couple of years. So what does the health-care bill change right now? Crooks and Liars has assembled a handy list of immediate changes. After President Obama signs the bill, children will be able to stay on their parents’ health insurance until their 26th birthdays. No child under 19 will be excluded from plans because of preexisting conditions. It will eliminate caps on how much care you can get in one year. Adults with preexisting conditions will be able to start shopping online for a plan in a national high-risk pool while waiting for insurance exchanges to get started. Small business can deduct as much as 50 percent of employees’ health benefits for tax purposes in 2009 and 2010. It will fill in the “donut hole” of Medicare prescription drug coverage with a rebate. Insurers will have to post their balance sheets online, listing administrative costs, executive compensation packages, and benefit payments. And you can no longer be dropped from your insurance plan just because you get sick.

a write up of what is and isn’t in the bill is here:

not thrilled w/ pork associated with this and don’t think it does enough for health care costs but don’t think it’s the end of the universe either (if they remember to pay for it)

for many of us, we will actually see a large increase in cost for less service…and I do not make a lot of money to begin with…

and a sad day for America and its constitution–we are starting down a very ugly road…one that look very similar to the one the Roman Empire went down—

There is no way to separate this from politics, but people can disagree and still be civil.

And yes I HAVE read the whole thing–more than once–

“Go have a 5 minute conversation with a patient that has come to this country for a treatment from a country that has socialized medicine and you will understand this concept clearer.”

Although I don’'t live there, come have a conversation with me also.

I will never forget the time we were watching CNN news and the Parents of a Toddler were complaining that the Hospital had charged them $7,000.00 to remove a piece of crayon from just inside the Child’s nose. WHAT?? We were horrified. You’d think the Dr.(actually it took 2) would have removed it for free and with a smile.

I thank God for the Good healthcare that we have had all our Life. Not Perfect…certainly. Need more Drs.and Nurses…definitely.

Many People from here won’t go to the US because they don’t have Universal Healthcare. I sincerely hope also that Obama is true.

Tax the rich, feed the poor.

As I said in the other form we need something in place for all that are in need. I am not sure this is it we have to wait and see. Since we had to start some where here it the starting line and it can be changed as needed I hope for the best of all. My one worry is abuse of the system as it already goes on with other programs.

FOX gives new meaning to “creative reporting”! Where on earth do they get these people?

Question Denise not stirring up any controversy with any one this is a one on one question since you have read the current one and I do not have the time to waste doing it all over again. Does the latest bill state that they have the right to look at your bank accounts and other finances? The first one did on like page 232 I will have to find it as I did print it and read it many times. I found so many hidden agenda’s in there bill and that is why I was against it.

Pavlos, I seriously love your comments. Thank you for bringing up that point. I’ve been told how many times I “get” to test a day by insurance companies for the past fifteen years. I was told which treatment plans I was allowed to follow (MDI, pump were too expensive etc).

Wonderfully stated, Pavlos. I’m rejoicing, too.

As a society, we need to provide for those whose basic needs aren’t met. Healthcare is a most fundamental need, as are shelter & food. Funding wars is bankrupting our country. Had spending untold funds on our military blunders been a public debate, perhaps the military budget would be different.

Our taxes provide services that individuals don’t necessarily need or use. My property taxes pay for schools, as do most people’s. I don’t have children, but free public education is considered a necessity. It wasn’t always the case. Nor were many other services we now take for granted. The needs of the many are more important than the wants of a few.

My insurance will probably change as a result of reform. That’s fine with me. I’d rather more people have coverage. Hope one day soon we don’t see people falling through the cracks, suffering & dying because they can’t afford insurance.

I see this as a start in the right direction. It’s not ideal, but a much needed philosophical & political shift.

I guess I understand to some degree, but politics are the personal…you cannot separate it from your daily life. We are in this mess because we choose to never discuss our politics. By mess, I mean that we allow a select few (read politicians and talking heads) to decide for us what kind of world (read health care plan) we live in. What I object to is the use of crazy language to discount the thoughts of others. Why can we never have a real discussion about health care and what we need and want from it…without screaming and ranting? I am sure, as those suffering from a chronic illness we could come up with lots of suggestions for better ways to provide care.

unfortunately it does…and still has just as many hidden agendas