Odd morning numbers

3 months since dx, so lots of stuff to figure out still.

My fasting blood sugars are usually btw 95-110 mg/dl when I wake around 6 a.m. Whether or not I have coffee, my BG goes up to 125-130 mg/dl, also, regardless of activity, it's like clockwork.

I usually eat bkfst around 7 or 8 a.m. after dog walks, they last about 1 hour.

I can't find any anecdotal info where others experience the opposite of high morning bg's, meaning that my fbg is almost always the lowest of the day.

I've been btw 115-130 mg/dl during the day, 2 hr PP and I'm eating HFLC, usually less than 30 g of carb per day, on Metformin 1500 mg xr once daily and I take glycosolve, biotin, gtf, multi vit, bitter melon caps, and vit d.

Any insight?

I think that most people tend to run a bit higher in the morning. There's hormonal nudging of BG and, sometimes, a tendency that's mentioned in the "manuals" and posts to guard against lows but nudging one's BG up with some type of food in the evening. If you search for "Dawn Phenomenon", it should find some info about the hormones and various strategies for dealing with it, adjusting the timing of meds, etc.

Any reference I've seen all relate to higher fbg, but mine seems to be the lowest at that time of day, then rises regardless of food or activity to the highest of the day, round 125 or so.

My fbg is always lower than my bed time bg the previous night by 5 to 10mg/dl.

Everybody is different, but many of us suffer from higher blood sugars in the morning. You are lucky to awake with a good number, I wake high, usually 120-160 mg/dl (and I am a T2 on insulin). If I don't eat promptly and just drink coffee or exercise I'll go even higher. There are various suggestions that people have on controlling Darn Phenomenon (DP), eating a snack at night with protein, fat or carbs or some mix. Drinking red wine. Not exercising in the morning. Eating first thing when you wake (even just a snack). Some of us just take some insulin in the morning to correct high blood sugars. I'm sure others will have a suggestion.

And just so that everyone appreciates how much I suffer from DP, I set up a camera to see how DP happens and this is the picture that I got:

To me, the rise of 95-110 to 125-130 is still indicative of DP. I see those sort of numbers, even though I have my pump rigged to beat them up. Taking the dogs for a walk is an excellent way to get out and get moving to "cover" the numbers to make breakfast tastier. Fresh air and fuzzy friends are great prescriptions for any disease but particularly diabetes!