Ode To Flickr

There once was a service named Flickr,
Where my photos live - now here’s the kicker:
It’s easy to use
And quite fun to peruse,
I’ve yet to find anything slicker!

Check out my photo collection on Flickr, where I’m chronicling everything from my recent trip to Philadelphia to my proud participation in the Diabetes365 project. Do you host your photos somewhere specific? What platform do you use?

I could spend all the time in a day
watching photos so smoothly display.
I could do it for work,
my face stuck in a smirk,
I would have it no other way!


Scott, I knew I could count on you. :slight_smile:

To count all the photos I see,
my mood is one of pure glee.
The numbers ascend
as if there’s no end!
I won’t stop 'til I have to go pee…

I’m up to post Ninety Four
Every day I post one more
my diabetes friends wait every day
to see what joy i will bring their way
my pictures rock them to the core!

The photos we’re taking are awesome,
This community’s starting to blossom.
With every snapshot
We’re learning a lot -
Diabetes, we’ll never play possum!!

Well dammit Kerri, I simply can’t come up with anything witty that fits in with or relates to possum.

Very nicely done.

I used to have photos up on Yahoo photos, until it got taken over by Flickr. Flickr decided that if I was not going to buy prints from them, I could not have an account. Same thing previously happened with Ofoto and Snapfish. Currently/still have an account on Webshots, but I’ve ended up pulling a lot of my photos offline.