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Any former pumpers here? I just switched back to injection after 13 yrs pumping. I find it odd, and makes me nervous that the pen is only whole units. Wondering how that worked out for others? Also is there an awesome app for figuring out correction, dosing and insulin on board already?
Thanks for any input. Kim

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Hi Kiminee, I'm a former pumper. I learned a lot during those years and now try to mimic the actions of the pump. I'm still getting vials of Apidra and also using the Levemir pen, hoping to avoid an accidental mix-up of insulins by keeping the vial in the fridge after opening and leaving the pen out. I use 1/2 marking unit syringes/needles for both the vial and the pen, rather than using the one unit pen needles for the Levemir. (I use separate syringes for the two different insulins.) I hate keeping logs, but I do jot down the time and amount of insulin I take; knowing that my Apidra will last approx. 3 1/2 hours, I just guess the IOB. I expect an app would be more accurate but I'm doing OK.

P.S. Using the 1/2 marking syringes rather than pen needles might seem strange, but if you're interested, there is a current blog re buying them: http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs/what-insulin-syringes-will-be-better-to-buy-and-where-bd-seems-to

Hi Kiminee,
I'm curious. Why did you decide to move from the pump to multiple injections? I do multiple injections with pens and have been putting off moving to a pump. I appreciate the pump gives tighter control but it is significantly more expensive and I'm not endeared to being connected to a pump all the time. After 13 years I presume you must have got over the attachment thing. Why are you going back to injections?

I wish I knew of an awesome app for mapping insulin curves, carb counting, etc. Looking forward to reading what others post here.

Sorry for the delay. I just was burned out on having the pump connected to me all the time. It was hard to wear dresses. Lately when I would exercise the canula (the part under the skin) would bend and then I wouldn't get the insulin or not as much as I thought I was getting. Or it would come out with all the sweating. The pump is pretty convenient, and helps with all the math. When I get up in the morning I still grab for it so it doesnt fall to the ground and pull on the cord, even though it hasnt been on me for almost 2 months now. LOL

I've been on the pump for 16 years and after I finish the next vial of insulin, I'm going to the pen. I've abused my pump the entire time I had it. I used it to eat what I want when I wanted to. As a result, I'm now 130 lbs. overweight and about to have weightloss surgery. I've dug myself a hole that I can't get out of. I've tried every diet pill/program available and nothing works. Surgery is now my last option. I didn't mind having the pump attacted to me. I enjoyed not being tied to an eating schedule. What are some of the apps that help with bolus calculations?

Well.....I went back on the pump. My a1c kept going up. Trying to remember when I took the last shot how much and if I took the Lantus and how much was on board. The pump does so much for me I guess I just never realized. Don't be down on yourself for the weight. Every day is a new one, you can start making a change, just do one little one at a time. I've been on the weight loss track for some time now. Its a life style, and a hard one for us at that. Don't give up. God Bless

Thanks! I’m trying low carb for now. So we’ll see!