OG – Come home we miss you!

OG – Come home we miss you!!

OG is a friend of mine and he is missing in action. It is reported that OG lives in Jackson Hole WY or perhaps Whitehorse Canada, we really do not know for certain. Regardless he is an inspiration to many of us who have visited with him in chat at TUDiabetes.ord. In his long tenure in chat, OG was always a positive influence. Whenever he was around (which was always) OG speared his warmth and goodwill. Yet now, sadly, he is missing in action. Even while he is missing a few words must be said about OG and why he, among all others, holds such a high position among all chatters on TUDiabetes.org.

Most everyone knows of his awesome trumpet playing. But often over looked are his compositions, many for the piano. He has published three symphonies including the famous symphony in purple minor. This is regarded by many as the finest purple symphony ever produced by anyone ever. He also produced the famous and much copied melody in purple sometimes referred to as the Citarum River interlude. The best example of this recording is the one performed by the East Asian Saharan Orchestra of West Central Antarctica. Many consider this the finest rendition of the Antarctican orchestra resurgent movement. Those who cherish this music understand that the beautiful music is perhaps only second to the beauty of the Citarum River. It is very special.

He is an accomplished artist but not just in music. His influence in visual arts is unprecedented. He established himself in the visual arts arena at an early age, forming (at age 12) the renowned OG factory. Since its formation the OG factory has produced such masterworks as the collage ‘Triumph of Trumpet’, the Sculpture ‘Horns of Man’, and the fascinating yet controversial Nudes of the Yukon panorama.

Incidentally the Nudes of the Yukon panorama was ensconced at the Cour suprême du Canada (Supreme Court of Canada) until it was removed by a janitor tasked with sweeping up spillage from a waste can just inside the lobby. This removal aggression broke OG’s heart and spelled the demise of the OG Factory just short of its 23rd day following organization. Many have considered it one of the worst destructions of nothing by a person tasked by a high court official since the 14th incident of the first day of the 7th session of the 4th circuit of the Federal court of Western Pennsylvania in Canton Kentucky. All actions have consequences and some, far more than others.

Given OG’s accomplishments in arts, one might think he is limited to the artistic pursuits. This could not be further from the truth. Those who know OG know his accomplishments have no boundaries. He is accomplished in auto detailing, engine modifications, hunting

, and river rafting.

He spent 14 years in pursuit of his passion along the mighty riv
ers of Indiana, scaling the rapids with such ease and skill he has a place of high distinction in the wildcat river hall of fame. He once captured over 14 crawdads in one afternoon, by the far the most ever accomplished by a grown man while not intoxicated on a Monday in August. It is the distinction that most men can only marvel at. Yet he accomplished it with such ease and lack of effort that videos would be made if videos were invented when the feat was accomplished. Sadly it was not to be, since this feat occurred in 1964, long before the age of portable video devices.

Yet OG is missing. All of us who frequent chat are very sad. So if you are listening please co
me home OG, please answer our desperate pages for your attention, and please honor us once again with your presence. OG, we miss you. Come home my friend. You are missed. Our countless cries for your attention have gone unanswered; our fervent hope for you to grace our presence remains unanswered.

OG, we miss you and we need you to come home. If you reading this plea and you see or speak with OG tell him of our longing to be caught up in his adventures. If you know of his whereabouts please tell us so we might approach him and be updated. If you are confused by this blog and want to join the fun of a good joke, then join us in chat. Yes we are serious, but just as important if you join us in TUDiabetes.org chat you will find we have wonderful fun, and a sarcastic wit. Like our search for OG, we are searching for you, join us and join our search for OG. We need searchers, lest we fail in our efforts.



Crying this morning. I miss him so. :(

my eyes are overflowing with tears

His absence leaves a gaping void. His legion of friends will all be ecstatic if this appeal is successful in locating him and bringing him back into the fold. Kudos, rick, for stepping up and expressing what we all feel.

He was such a joy in chat, never had a bad word to say about anyone!

Right on, Lloyd. He treated everyone exactly the same, no matter who.

Oh I am so glad you elegantly exressed how much we all miss him. I look for him daily and the void he leaves sadness my heart. I can hope to run into him one day and thank him for his service.

Last I heard he was trolling night spots in New Orleans looking for players for his 3rd movement for trumpet which is reportedly being considered for the spring season of the New York triumph of trumpet performance season. Perhaps we have folks from the New Orleans area who might post some flyers and inform OG that he is sorely missed?

Haha, you all go to bed when I join the chat room when I get up.