Oh it stings

OK so I’ve been putting it off week after week, but my first bill is due tomorrow for the insurance plan that I’m paying for out of pocket. I got screwed trying to get individual coverage at a decent rate (another perk of being insulin dependent) so I’m paying a super monthly premium for continued coverage. I basically have to pay back coverage for the last four months plus July to keep myself current.


I break down and finally call the insurance company (to remain nameless…but it rhymes with Schmaiser Schmermanente). I eventually get to a live person and I explain to her how I’d like to pay my bill. She looks at looks at her computer, sighs, then let’s me know the amount that I owe.

I respond in a ridiculously happy voice, “Really? That’s it?”

Awkward silence.

I let her know that I’m kidding, but that I have a “buy one get one free” coupon.

A little more awkward silence, followed by her giving me a pity laugh that lasted longer than I would have liked.

Well I finally give this sweet evil lady my debit card number, trying hard not to cry like a little baby.

My hands are still quivering as I put my debit card back into my seemingly thinner wallet. I just got clipped for $1710…for what? To live another month with diabetes? So I can keep poking and prodding myself like a pincushion? Where the $% is this cure that’s been “around the corner” for the last twenty years?


(Breathe Dino, breathe)

I guess I have to look at the bright side. At least gas is still cheap right?

(Hmm…more awkward silence.)

Wow. This long awkward silence should end with health care reform!!

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about without this… Hope that the days with a fairer health care system are coming!

It’s such a racket. Sorry to hear this, Dino. (But, hey, even tho you had to pay some serious coin, at least you haven’t lost your sense of humor!)

I just found out my insurance is going up drastically too and was sitting here trying to keep from crying, looking for other people’s experiences … This post made me laugh, and that felt good. Thanks for sharing.

hey, if kaiser, oh sorry Shmeisser, shorts you on strips or needles, give me a buzz, my insurance seems to over supply so i might be able to “forget” a couple of boxes at a determined location for you to suprisingly “find”