Oh- my- god!

I cannot begin to tell you how releaved I feel at this very moment. I was diagnosed in 2004 with Type 2 diabetes - but I was only 25 years old, 6’2", and 145 lbs. So, it didn’t make sense to me. I was feeling “sick” and went to the emergency room to find out my glucose was at 960!! After using insulin to bring it down, I was discharged with a “diet and exercise” prescription. But, a couple of months later, I was not feeling well, and so the doctor put me on pills. For years, I racked my brain wondering how did this happen to me. My grandmother was the only in the family who had diabetes after well into her old age. I was not obese. Eventually my doctor had to put me on insulin, both Lantus and now Novolog because pills alone were not working.
But I still was perplexed because I am taking pills to stimulate my pancreas but my doctor has told me that my body has low levels of insulin present. I asked him "How would stimulating my pancreas to produce more insulin work if my pancreas has no more insulin to produce?"
I have been looking for an explanation and i FINALLY HAVE ONE!!! After running onto this site, my questions have been answered. i am making an appointment with an endocrinologist to test my GADs and all the rest. I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes and helping me understand my disease better.

definatly have to see an endo, alot of regular docs dont even know what LADA or type 1.5 is, I was misdiagnosed as type 2 and treated w pills for a few yearsand they didnt work, endo ran some tests and there it was, the pills will never work, my beta cells were shot, posetive antibodies for type 1, I also have hypothyroidism and anemia, find a good endo and good luck, welcome to tu diabetes


I am glad you may have found an answer and I am glad TuDiabetes helped:) Please keep us updated…I am curious to see what your Endo says.


Thanks, Cherise. I am curious myself. This forum, and SITE, is so cool. It feels good having people who understand what I am going through.

Thanks, Lynn. I am going to make an appointment with an Endo ASAP. Reading your reply is so relieving because I thought I was going insane. Your words made me feel so calm. I finally know what’s wrong.

I’ll keep you updated on my journey.

This is my problem. I was diagnosed at 26 my bs was in the 500’s not really overweight most pills does not help most insulin does not either. Byetta helps glyburide does a little. I take 160 units of Lantus a day to wake up to bg’s in the 200’s. Lantus will not do anything for me.

Wish if doctors think :autoimmune,non autoimmune diabetes because they have to watch for other autoimmune diseases as well and not to miss it ( autoimmune throiditis,celiac,addison,)
Only if seum insulin is high on diagnosis,so that is insulin resistance,and go from there…

So wonderful that you have some answers. Glad you’re here. The wonderful Tu D members have helped me tremendously & so many others.

One example, my dawn phenonmenon (high morning fasting numbers) was bad. Doctor raised my basal insulin levels, but this didn’t help. It was on Tu D that I read that most people take two separate doses–one in the morning, another right before bed. My endo wouldn’t believe me that Lantus didn’t last 18-20 hours, but I knew it didn’t. Hey, if the drug literature says it lasts, it lasts, right? Wrong! Read here that other people experienced the same. Doctor didn’t think it was advisable for me to get another evening dose. I did it anyway on my own. Lo & behold, my dawn phenon vastly improved. I got another endo & then another until I found the right one. My latest endo changed my basal to another brand & the type of bolus insulin, too. This has further helped.

Be sure to ask that a thyroid test be done & one for Vit D levels-- 25(OH)D levels. The only test for D levels worth doing is a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D. Do not let get a 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D. It will not tell you if you are vitamin D deficient and is usually only indicated in evaluating high blood calcium. According to several things I’ve read, LabCorp is the only lab that runs that test properly, if you have a choice. I’m stuck with Quest Diagnostics here.

Do keep us posted on your journey! We’re all here for you.

Happy to hear from you & makes me wonder how many of us are walking around misdiagnosed, undiagnosed & not receiving proper treament or information. Sohair is exactly on-target, as always! A new way of viewing diabetes in its many forms is sadly needed. The old labels don’t work & aren’t helping.

Do you take two doses of Lantus–morning & before bed?

Robert-- I am so glad that you found us!!! You are not alone-- your story is all too common. Many in our community were treated as type 2 diabetics before finding out that they have LADA/ type 1.5 or type 1!!

It’s good that you are on insulin… and I hope this community will continue to be a great resource for you!

Check out our group for people with LADA!

Dear Robert.

Incredibly bad Doctering in 2004.

I take 80 units in the morn. and 80 at night.