Oh my god

well just got my HbA1c result not good as i expected it was 11.1 which is terrible. So i need any advice going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not terrible, Sarah - it’s a number that needs some work.

My first advice would be to test more often. If you’re testing 4 times a day, try testing 6 or 8 times. If you can figure out where you’re seeing higher bloodsugars, you can start to make changes that might help. The more data you have, the better you’ll do.

After you’ve got the data, you can work with your team to figure out where you need changes.

Mostly though - don’t give up and don’t get discouraged. We’ve ALL seen numbers that we don’t like, that we think are terrible, that scare us. We all just do the best that we can to make them better.

Data, data, data… That’s what you need right now.


Aw, I’ve had some terrible A1c’s too. I agree with Nicole - more testing means better control.

You can do it! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your next A1c results and remember, any improvement is worth celebrating!

Don’t give up!

All the best,

Not giving up, indeed.

Remember this is an everyday thing: there’s no quick fix (specially to bring an A1C down overnight), but rather consistency every day doing the stuff you know to do.

I am currently testing in the range of 8-10 times per day. It’s obviously not the same as CGMS, but it provides you with trend data that should help you stay on track.

Nicole is right , we have all had those kind of numbers. Dont panic. Stress is a common factor in raising BS. Now go over your meds. Are you taking them all? On Time? Are you drinking plenty of water? Are you resting? Write everything down you eat. And I mean everything. Along with your testing numbers. Test more often. Keep a record of how you feel that day. Anxious, happy. Easy going.
Once you go through all this… remember we are here to help. We will hold your hand through all of it. I know it is scary. But Sarah , we are all in this together. And we will support you any way we can.

I would consider (if you already haven’t) joining the Sugar Stats site (http://www.sugarstats.com/2007) and tracking your glucose, meds and food. For me it is easier to see what I’m doing or not doing and that helps me get better control. Just know that you have alot of support here and you’ll get through this! :slight_smile:

And, I posted the above before reading the rest of your blog. It looks like you’ve already seen the site so now all you have to do is register :slight_smile:

hi sarah,
i agree with a lot of these posts… my doctor always tells me that it’s a number, not a reflection of who you are as a person. i think that if you see this as an opportunity to start over, as opposed to something bad, that might help.
one thing that ususally helps me, in addition to what everyone else here has said, is to come up with a bit of a routine. i am always trying to figure out what foods work for me, and then i try to incorporate those into my diet on a regular basis. of course, i also love variety, but i have found that eating the foods that i know work for me on a regular basis really helps with my control.
good luck!


granted i am new at this, but something that has helped me a LOT is transcribing all my data into an excel sheet and emailing my doctor once a month. i only see the Endo (i really love that term) once every three, but they really like seeing my numbers. that way, i can go into the office and just talk about other things, they already know how i am doing for the most part. it also gives me a chance to visually see how i am doing on a month / weekly basis, and not just hour / day. i hope this helps. is there a place online that we can post our numbers? that way we can all make each other feel guilty over eating cupcakes . . .