Oh, Please Just Help!

When I was diagnosed back in 2003, I remember learning all I could about Diabetes, I still am, and still will. I “diagnosed” my Grandmother with her Type 2 Diabetes, as in I asked her to test one morning when I went to breakfast with her before she ate, her BG was 168. She went to the doctor and was put on oral meds and such. That’s not my problem. My problem is that a lot of doctors never seem to teach Type 2’s how to properly care for their disease, because my grandmother rarely(if ever) tests her blood sugars. I tell her constantly to do so but she just doesn’t seem to listen.

She told me a few months ago she weaned herself off of her oral meds back in 2007 and that she feels much better without them. -Okay, that’s great, Nana, but what about your sugars?!- I’m going to sign her up to get a free UltraMini and give her some test strips, because her blood kit is way old and doesn’t work AT ALL. I doubt she’s going to test any even if I do this so I feel like I’m doing this all for nothing. I’m constantly telling her “that’s why they call Diabetes the silent killer,”

My one question is, is there anyway, any ideas, anything that you can tell me to get my grandmother to take care of herself!?

Hi Jessieface, Why dont you have your Nanna come and spend a day with you one dday and then say,“Oh Nanna I want you to come and see something!.” Take her to your computer and show her your page on here, Give her the nickle-nightyeight tour around the site and then show her some T2’s Pages and Blogs and stories. Then tell her you love her and this is why you want her to take care of herself! She doesnt want to lose you and you dont want to lose her! Have a great day jessie,and hope this might work!,Deb

I know sometimes that older people find it difficult to start new routines. Maybe she is a bit overwhelmed, if she even done two or three tests a day that would be great. As Debbie said perhaps you could show her some blogs and discussions on this site, she may even be not all too familiar with computers. You know your gran best and she is so lucky to have you. I have had D for a long time and still sometimes it gets too much,