Old Enlite sensors

Has anyone ever used an Enlite sensor that is two years past expiration date? I have been on Amimas/Dexcom g5 but my doctor has been talking about new Medtronic pump. Someone who just received 670 has loaned me his, still under warranty 551. What with no training, it has/still is and interesting and challenging experience. So far the enlite has been very disappointing. But I am determined to use this pump until Doctor appointment. Maybe with three weeks, I can get used to it. My friend did insert a current sensor and also gave me another one (which I plan to use week of appointment. Meanwhile, I only have a box of two year old sensors. Anyone ever used a really old sensor?

I am a satisfied Medtronic user (have been since diagnosis and have used three Medtronic pumps from the various 5xx series, currently on 630, and about to get my training and switch to 670 next week), but for various reasons didn’t use to wear my Enlite sensor very regularly so this year ended up with a handful past their expiration date (can’t remember exactly how many months past, but probably ~10, and certainly less than two years expired). I did try to use them and found them much more inaccurate and overall had more issues with them (at least a couple simply failed the initial 2-hour calibration and I had to pull them out) than I ever had with sensors. So I would say give yours a try, but be cognizant that most likely they will not behave properly and the experience you get will be worse (if they work at all) than what you’d get with fresh sensors. Certainly don’t rely on them for dosing.

Additionally, if you’re using this trial to decide on a new Medtronic pump (not sure if you are interested / your doctor is recommending the 630 or 670), bear in mind that both of those pumps have functionalities the 5xx series do not have that are heavily reliant on getting good sensor info (suspend on low; various notifications of how you BG is trending; etc.). What’s more, the transmitter and sensors that are to be used with the 670 are actually a new product, called Guardian3, which is supposed to be much more accurate than the Enlites.

Well I will give them a try (have a box of them). I am also wearing my Dexcom. Been doing a lot of finger sticks to compare results with Dexcom and Enlite. Dexcom is ahead. I know that the 630 and 670 have a lot of additional benefits…like a readable screem (I originally went Animas because of the better screen). Even this 551 has so many alarms and alerts that I am a bit leary of wearing it to bed, especially since I haven’t been trained. I figure that if I do something wrong during the day, I will catch it. At night I am using Animas with the 551 nearby on suspend.

Will check on Guardian3. At this point I would stay with Animas so could use Dexcom, but will keep this up for two more weeks til see doc.

I wouldn’t use a brand-new Enlite sensor! Until Medtronic’s CGM is as accurate and generally trouble-free as a Dexcom, I will use a Medtronic pump and a Dexcom.

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That is my inclination. Which Medtronic pump are you using. Up until today, for the past week I have been using both Dexcom and a not expired sensor. I have got a lot of lows or tending lows on the Enlite. Dexcom would say something like 112 and finger stick 97. No accuracy. I wonder if it is possible to use a 630 with Dexcom?

530g. So, I literally have two CGMs. But I’m only inserting Dexcom sensors.

The Medtronic 630g OR 670g doesn’t talk to any other CGMs. Phooey!

Update on old enlite sensors:

The first expired (2 yrs) sensor was in for little more than a day before I removed it. The readings were just plain wacko. But it needs to be noted that as I have never been trained on Medtronic, also no tech support, I realized that maybe I had messed up somewhere.

My second expired sensor lasted five days before I accidentally knocked it off. I found the readings to be actually more in line with finger sticks and my Dexcom readings than with the first, non expired sensor I used. But then again, being new and not knowing what I was doing, who knows.

I have one more current sensor. Now having a clue about this Medtronic stuff, I will make a detailed study of the enlite vs Dexcom. So far, Dexcom is ahead.