Omipod User-former MiniMed

Hello…thank you for reading this. I have been a “diagnosed” diabetic since 1990. At first they told me I was Type 2, but lucky me was “upgraded” to Type 1. I have a wonderful doctor who literally saved my life in 2006. I decided an insulin pump would be appropriate at that time, and started on the Minimed. My A1C went from 12 to 7 on the pump. I loved the pump, but that tubing literally drove me nuts. I read about the Omnipod, and am starting my second year on that. My one and only problem has been that due to my sensative skin, and a possible allergic reaction once the adhesive gets wet, I itch under the pod and the skin gets excoriated. No big deal. I love the freedom of the Omnipod. I can shower, swim, and keep getting my insulin without “unhooking”. My A1C now runs around 6.5. If you are thinking about the Ominpod, please feel free to contact me. Thank you again! I welcome new friends!

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Hi! I am also on the Omnipod and absolutely love it =D


Hello! I am also an Omnipod user and just like Suggarbabie…I love it:) There is a group for Omnipod users in the community. Check it out and I hope you enjoy.