Omni pod for TYPE 2

MY doctor was reluctant in trying to give me anything beyond just injections. I saw a ad. on FB about getting the omnipod so i signed up to get one. Now my Dr. is a little concerned about me getting one. My insurance sent me a letter stating I am approved for them to cover the expenses. Any advice from other TYPE 2 insulin dependent folks on how to have this conversation with my Dr. ?

Hi @Christalyn , you might use TIR & improved A1c data with insulin pumps to make your argument. There is quite a bit of info on the 'net such as the below article from the American Diabetes Association.

I saw the V-Go pump demonstrated a few years ago and I was impressed. It might work out as an alternative to the Pod.

Can you list the thing you think will improve with pump for doctor?

What is your current routine? Do you take meds or insulin injection now? What do you want to improve? Pump has advantages and disadvantages.

That would be the type of things the doctor might review…

I love my OmniPod Dash and in conjunction with my Dexcom it has been a life changer over the last 6 months. My body reacts much better to basal doses of Humalog throughout the day then it ever did to any long-acting insulin over 10 years. And following my BG throughout the day/night instead of just a handful of numbers across the day has given me more knowledge of how food & insulin affect me and is allowing me to get better control of my BG with less variation/standard deviation. There was a point a year ago that my A1C was in double digits, and now I’m sitting at about 6.6

Did you have much weight gain when you went on the OmniPod?? Just curious. Thanks!

I know I am diabetic but have several years of having this I still have to remind myself that I have take injections or my medication. My work life is very rapid too. It would just make life easier to have a pump or an alternative device to help me through the day. Being a supervisor I am having to make decisions all the time and cooling out fires. I know it is for my health but its also another item (take meds) on my life of things to do on a super growing list. I am trying to run several departments with people that were hired before me that were not properly trained. I am constantly having to reinvent the wheel or get push back. Do the omnipod or another device would really help.

I do meds and injections. I just want life a little easier inwhich i don’t have to worry about another item to distract me.

In some ways a pump is easier and some ways not. And there is always chance of pump failure, so still need to keep pens and/or syringes at all times for backup.

If you are using both meds and insulin, you will need to know how they work together to adjust dosage. There will be more time involved in beginning as you work out dosing. Omnipod would need changing every 3 days.