Omni Pod Trial Challenges -- Advice?

My husband is currently doing a demo of the Omnipod and seems to really like it... the only draw back is the pod will NOT stay on.

Pod 1 lasted 2 days and he felt great.
Pod 2 lasted less than 24 hours stopped working and his sugar skyrocketed.
Pod 3 lasted less than 4 hours.

We used the alcohol, the sticky wipe the rep gave us, have tried Tegaderm, and we are totally at a loss.

He was not even as active as normal this weekend.

The rep is sending us some more demo pods and some Masti-zol. Any other suggestions welcomed.

If we cant make this stick.. he cant go on a pump.

Only advice I can think of is that, pumping does require a lifestyle change. That's one of the things that kept me off pumps for a long time. Definitely keep up talking with Insulet about it. Also, try the "Bands for life" These helped me out a lot while I transitioned to wearing a new device. They wrap around the pod on your arm or leg. Also try "sports tape" as I know it, there are other names but I forget what they are. It's the self sticking (think Velcro, but not scratchy) stretchy cloth like tape that you can also wrap around your arm/leg and the pod to help keep it in place.

try two crossing strips of nexcare clear tape. I use it everytime to make the original pods stay closer to my body & avoid accidently knocking them off. U can buy a roll in any pharmacy

lifestyle change is not really an option -- lot of the activity is work... climbing trees to cut, doing irrigation, lots of physical activity..... plus he is a hunter, fishes, loves the lake --- this helps him maintain a healthy weight and has no other issues other than diabetes -- dr cant believe how good his labs are -- except for the a-1 c. If he has to he will just keep giving himself 6-10 shots a day of both short term and long term.

The problem is they cant seem to regulate how much insulin he needs.... he can eat the same thing 3 different days in a row.. with the same activities and his body will react 3 different ways. 1. Day one go high 2. Day 2 he might crash Day 3 normal sugar.

It' very frustrating.

I have to shave my belly and the back of my arms with a Philips rotary shaver before affixing a new pod. I also use Hypafix tape:
Hypafix dressing retention tape

I swim and it still stays on, but shaving is a must.

the areas he is putting on his stomach and back have no hair -- he is just soaking wet when he comes in from work, mowing, working in the horse pasture. I can only imagine once we have to go back to the hay field again. They don't stick an hour on his arm and his legs are just too skinny. I just don't know if this is going to be a viable option for him.