OmniPod infusion pain & high post-prandial

Hi, all!

I just started using OmniPod with Humalog about two months ago. (Was previously using Lantus and Humalog.) Twice when I’ve bolused for a meal, I’ve felt severe pain at the infusion site, followed by a very high post-prandial BG. This morning’s happened at the first meal after I’d changed the pod.

(For example, this morning I inserted a new pod onto the back of my left arm. An hour later my BG was 104 and I had egg salad and a croissant for breakfast at the airport. I bolused three units for approximately 40 CHO in the croissant. Two hours after was 255 - as if I’d infused no insulin at all.)

I’m wondering if the pain at the infusion site meant the insertion site was bad and the insulin wasn’t being infused. Has this happened to other pod users?

I’ve had a sort of hard time with the pod so far - two malfunctioning pods that stopped infusing and (thankfully) sounded alarms in class, one infusion site that bled profusely when I removed the pod, and now these two incidents. I’m a little discouraged by the pod. Thoughts?

Thanks, all! I appreciate you!

Pain with bolusing pretty much means a bad site for my daughter (although this has occurred only twice in the past two years). Failed Pods are also a rarity for her.

Do you perhaps have significant areas of lipoatrophy/lipodystrophy that might explain your difficulties with Pods?

Thank you for your helpful response!

I don’t have any areas of lipoatrophy/dystrophy - thank goodness! (I’ve only been using insulin for about three years and rotate sites.) If I recall correctly the other time this happened it was on my arm, as well, which I’ve only started using since starting the pods. I may just avoid the arms as it seems to be a pattern.