Can anyone help me with the omnipod pathfinder software? I have been trying to find microsoft Excel 2003 as this is the only version of excel that interfaces with the pathfinder software. I have looked at the internet and even tried calling Microsoft for an idea as to where I might find a source for this older version of Excel. I have heard rumors that Excel 2007 might have a look back feature that is enabling the software to work properly with pathfinder. I have had the software (pathfinder) for a couple of months but have not been able to locate this specific version of Excel. Please Help!!!

Can you use the Excel 2003 viewer only or do you need all the functionality of Excel? The viewer can be downloaded from Here at microsoft. I have MS Office 2007 and I know Excel can be saved in the 97-2003 format so I would assume 2007 can read those files also. Have you tried Open Office Free Office Suite? I think it is compatable with most Microsoft Office file formats. I have read where the Pathfinder software was only tested on 2003 but that it works with 2007 also. The “Tested with” disclaimer is usually to protect the company in case there might be a glitch or bug using the Pathfinder software with MS Office 2007. In other words, they will only guarantee that it works with 2003. If you only need the viewer, it’s free and you can download the 2003 viewer or the 2007.