One glass of wine = how much insulin?

I hope someone answers me quick. I’m going out to dinner tonight and I have been doing so good with my diabetes and I don’t want to screw it up with a glass of wine. How many carbs are in a glass of wine, but how do I cover it since the alcohol always makes me drop? Anybody?

Don't bolus for it -- you'll be OK. I think that maybe there are 5g carbs in a glass of wine, but it also drops about that amount later -- Well, that's been my experience, anyhow. Just keep testing!

I think everyone is different. For me, a dry red wine requires no insulin to cover. A sweet dessert wine, I might count it as 20-30grams of carbs. So it is double YMMV, wines differ and everyone is different.

Thanks, I googles it and that’s the conclusion I came to is to not cover for it cause it’s only about 4 - 5 GM. And then the reaction of the alcohol. I’m only going to have one. I’m not a big drinker. Thanks for answering!

A glass of dry wine, any kind doesn't require a bolus. Any type of alcohol will drop our bg because the liver shuts down and doesn't release any glucose.

I agree with Betty, alcohol drives down the BG, and it is recommended to be eating if you are drinking. The liver is working on getting rid of the "toxic" wine, so can't produce glucose, ha, ha. Seriously, testing a lot with even a couple of glasses of wine and snacking, is important when drinking.

Meant to also say what Carol said about snacking. It's ok to snack but no more then 15g will keep bg from rising into the forbidden zone lol.

Thanks everybody! I had my glass of wine,just one… Didn’t bolus for it and we did eat appetizers so it was simple. Thanks. I’m finally trying to ER this diabetes stuff right after 28 years of doing it not so right all the time!

I found when I first had wine with dinner I went up so I usually give myself and extra unit or so... but sometimes I can go low if I don't eat enough. Now that I'm on Symlin and due to my reflux being worse, I have not had wine as that can drop me low too. I found the wine tends to actually cover my carbs if it is a red wine, but then later I can go up as with symlin.