One Touch Ping?

Hi, I’m 31 been having trouble with BGs since I was 14. gestational at 19 and diagnosed Type II at 25. I’ve taken 6 different oral meds and all 6 aventually failed. I’ve only been on insulin for almost a year. It’s taken some adjusting but right now I’m on Novolog ISF=40 I:C=1:9 and Lantus 32. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m a brand new person. So, I’ve decided to take the next step and add a pump to my life. The One Touch Ping to be exact.
Yes I’ve decided, applied, and awaiting approval. But I don’t personally know anyone who has one. That’s why I’m posting. If anyone has any advise, opinions, tips…etc, please chime in. What comes in the kit, what should I expect, how hard is it to adjust to pumping. I’m looking forward to hearing from real people who have this asset and what they think of it and how it’s affected them.
Thank you in advance! And Happy Holidays.

Hi! I have the One Touch Ping, in pink! I am in love with this thing. There is a HUGE learning curve with it, but overall, my numbers look great! If you haven’t read the “pumper’s bible” Pumping Insulin by John Walsh, run to your nearest bookstore or go to Amazon! Seriously! I read the book twice before going on the pump, once just to see if it was something that I’d want to do, and then again once I decided to pump. There is one thing that I wish the Ping did but it’s so trivial that it doesn’t make that much of a difference and that is I wish that when you entered in your BS that it saved it in the pump too like it does in the meter. As far as what comes in the kit, well, you have the pump and meter remote. You have to order, free of charge, the software to add more items to your meter in the food lists, but it comes with some preprogrammed already. I don’t have mine with me as I’m at the library at school, I know, bad habit, but I’m only here for a few minutes, or else I could tell you want is preloaded. When I got my Ping, I too was the only one that I knew, besides on here, that had one. All of my friends have MM’s and I have bad eyes to begin with and then background screen just wasn’t visible to me. The ping is awesome. I’ve bolused in the middle of a theater! Plus it’s waterproof! I’m from Florida and this was hands down the two points that sold me on it!

Let me know if you have more questions!


I am new to pumping (just a few days) but so far I love the ping. I live in Florida as well so the waterproof feature and the fact they were willing to help me financially were big selling points for me. I am finding it easier to use than I thought, but of course I am just in “pumping kindergarten” as my trainer put it. LOL
Good luck to you!

I have the ping system - and it’s great! Things to look for - number one when switching it can be a little unnerving to give control over to a system other than yourself with shots - that took a few weeks to get over :slight_smile: As long as your numbers are good with your current insulin intake, any competent trainer should be able to get you in the ballpark. After using the system for a while here’s the things I keep with me - number one the meter, and number two the batteries to replace in both the meter and the pump itself. The low battery warning will only last reliably for around 20 minutes - after that it’s dead so better safe than sorry. Testing is of course the key to it, which is nice since I have a quick test, then program from the meter - no hunting around for the pump which is a plus in my book. I was always good with taking a shot or testing, but never both - using a pump helps promote my own good behavior. Also - for the first few months be prepared for a slight increase in A1C while you get your basals adjusted - this will a little worrying for me when it happened but my numbers are coming back down, which I’m happy about. Good luck!

The first thing that pops into my mind is: you will LOVE the freedom it gives you to live your life! I’ve been a Type 1 for just under 26 years and have been pumping for 8 of them. My life was good before the pump, but, wow, it was an incredibly wonderful change for me.

I also chose Animas (they make the pump in the One Touch Ping system) and I literally just upgraded my Animas IR 1250 to the One Touch Ping: I started using my new pump 2 hours ago! So I have the box and all its contents right here!

Mine came with the pump, the meter (with case), lancing device, 10 test strips, batteries for the pump and the meter, a DVD, a very nicely done user guide for the system, an insulin pumping booklet, notices to contact Animas for a free pump “skin” and for the computer management program (ezManager Max), and - my favorite - the low-profile clip for the pump. I’ve always had a black pump, but I wanted to go with something fun this time so I chose a pink pump. I love it!

I am excited for you! It will take time to figure everything out, but it sounds like you are a person who will benefit from pumping a great deal. Like you, I’ll be learning how to utilize the meter-to-pump communication too. I’m most excited that I will have pump and meter combined data to analyze with ezManager Max.

Congratulations, and if I haven’t said it yet, I’m excited for you! Please be in touch and please ask questions!

( I just read Elizabeth S’s post and I see she also got a pink pump! Cool!)

If approved I will be getting the pink as well. Could there be any other color…lol. I like the add: Meter says “I love you like a brother” Pump says “I’m a girl”…lol. Too cute. I’m extremely excited of the idea of the pump. But I’m trying not to get too excited though. I’m not sure what the insurance is going to do yet. But the Animas rep seemed excited, she said I have good insurance through the hospital I work for and she seemed very optimistic that we would be speaking this coming week. Hopefully not do to a denial.

Well thank you everyone for your input…please continue. Your feedback is awesome and putting me at ease.

Yes! There really wasn’t an option! I even ordered the pink skin! And I carry everything, minus the pump of course, in my pink patent leather Coach bag! It is my favorite color… lol!

lol… I used to hate pink. My favorite color was Blue. I just didn’t fall in the typical girly status. I’ve always been a tom-boy. Work in the garage, cut the grass, fix things, love fishing…even got a 2 year certification in autobody. But aventually my hubby convinced me I really was a girl…lol. He finally broke me down and I guess I actualy always secretly liked pink.

lol… I’ve always have been the girlie girl… I’ve cheered, danced, did gymnastics, and loved hair and makeup! I’ve tried to mow the grass once in my life and that never worked out! But in my defense, I’m only 5’ tall and it’s hard being a tomboy when you’re small!

I’m still such a girl that I won’t leave the house without makeup on! it’s bad I know!

Nah, that’s not bad. I do my hair and make up but will leave home without it if I’m short on time. I even cut and style hair for all my family. And have always done make up for my neice and friends when they are goin out or have an event. But I’m not affraid to get dirty either. 5’ tall huh. Sounds like you would fit in great with my family. My mom is 4’11, 1 aunt is 4’7 and the other 4’9 and my uncle is 4’11. But don’t let short hold you back. I learned it all from my peppa who was a deisel mechanic for 28 years and he’s only 5’ and weighs about 105lb. Small just means you fit in tight places better…lol.

They come in various colors. They even have blue. They have green and black and silver too. I have the pink one. I have been on mine since April. I love mine so much. My A1c was 8 in April and at first I had a hard time getting the right med and dosage for it that really worked well. I previously used Novolog Pen and Lantus plus Byetta and pills. Now I just use Humalin U500 and pills. So much simpler. In three months time my A1c dropped to 6.4 and tomorrow I find out what my new one is. I live in Tn and right near the lake and river so water proof was a must. I swam with it all the time. Oh and a great book to keep with you is The Calorie King you can even look it up at it has been the best tool to carry with me and to use at home along side my pump. Happy Pumping!

LOL I fall somewhere in between the two of you, but I’ve always said I’m not a “girlie-girl” and pink was just not appealing to me. I love the green, blue, and black pump colors. But I looked at my wardrobe, and I realize I’ve changed a bit over time. No wonder the person I ordered my pump with over the phone didn’t sound surprised when I told him I no longer was deciding between green and blue. :slight_smile:

Yeah I think the pink is quite popular with us women…lol ; )

Yeah, i fit into very small places well… I’m always the one getting the short end of the stick, no pun intended! I actually graduated from shopping in the little kids department to the junior’s/misses department now… and I wish I was joking.

I was very optimistic when I decided on getting the Ping as an upgrade from my much older (2001) Minimed 512 pump, which had never heard of a computer and uploading data. I was first attracted by the colour choices initially (sorry, I chose the green, which I love by the way) and the bright screen. To be honest though, I have come to realize that I valued some features in the older MM model, which the newer one didn’t have.

One of the biggest day-to-day issues for me is the meter, which I don’t like at all. It is based on the One Touch Ultrasmart, which I find to be very difficult to read the small text, especially in low light conditions (even with the backlight on). The scrolling to get the numbers entered goes too quickly, and, for example when entering carbs, I whoosh it up to 90 (too high) and back down to 0, before I know it. The MM also enters the BG automatically, which with the Ping, you must enter the suggested amount yourself. Overall I find it takes much longer to enter all the required confirmations and numbers into the pump/meter than I think should be necessary.

Another thing I was challenged by was what I imagined vs. what the reality was. I thought you could walk away from the meter when you enter your dose… dose and go… but if it loses communication, it stops delivery automatically. Just because I leave the meter to finish serving dinner doesn’t mean that I want my dose to cancel! Apparently it’s only 10 feet. Sure, I can do it on the pump itself and use the meter to get the necessary BG, then it wouldn’t matter, but hauling out 2 pieces of equipment when 1 should do the job? If it happens though, you need to tell it to get on with business by re-entering some info. I’m guessing it’s a safety feature, but not one I can turn off, and it wasn’t a problem before as the MM pump would just get on with entering in the suggested dose and you are good to go. I guess I also discovered something about myself too in that I’m a little impatient!

And now that I’m at it, I don’t like the noise of the motor as it’s delivering insulin. I feel like with the little whirring noise the motor makes as it delivers each unit makes it more obtrusive than it needs to be. I thought it was supposed to be unobtrusive, like you could tuck it in your bra, and no one needs to be the wiser, however, when you half expect someone to say, “M’am, why is your bra whirring?”, it’s gone beyond the realm of unobtrusive. Yeah, maybe I’m hyper sensitive on this, but the MM was virtually silent (except for its various alarms).

Finally I find it takes a while to get used to the various reminders/alarms. It’s taken me a little while, but apparently it can be tamed.

I"m not meaning to discourage you from the Ping at all, I’m just sharing what my own experience was in starting this pump, and how it compared to my experience of the MM pump. I suggest that you take the time to compare all the models available to you, and make your decision with your eyes wide open.

BTW, did I say that I LOVE the green?.. and the Ping also has coordinated colours in the One Touch Ultramini meters, which is great (even if it doesn’t communicate). My pump supplies company sent me one for free. How cool is that?

All in all though, I love pumping. It’s much MUCH better for me than MDI, even with all the comments that I’ve shared.

Jamie, have you contacted Animas about the whirling noise? Mine doesn’t make that loud of a noise and most of the time it’s not noticeable at all. I would give them a call!



Thank you very much for you honest input.

The green is a very attactive color. So is the blue. But ultimately I’ll take the pink if given the opportunity.

I did choose the Ping. I think it will work better for me at work, at home, and while on the road. My CDE recommended it along with the MM and omni-pod as the most perferred by her patients. I liked the features of the Ping the best. They were all very competative, But I think the Ping was the least scarey to me since I’m already familiar with the OneTouch Ultra Smart. Plus, I’ve never had a complaint with my OneTouch monitors. And when I did they made it right immediately.

I currently have no personal experience with a pump so I have nothing to compare to. But thanks to your input I am now aware of the dose cancelling when out of range of the meter. I didn’t realize that was a problem.

Again Thank you. And Merry Christmas!

Jamie : 2001 …Minimed 512 ?? I started in 2001 …and I don’t think the paradigm 512 was on the market …I started with 508 …please correct me if I am off base .

I just checked, and I actually got it in 2003. I’m a little hazy on dates because just after getting it way back then, I lost my job (and insurance), so it sat in the bottom of my closet in a box. I finally got everything back in order in Jan 2007, just about out of warranty, but still the little workhorse.

Merry Christmas to you too… enjoy the pump!