Onetouch Mini -- Does It Read Lower?

Does the OneTouch mini read lower than other meters? Or did my Freestyle read HIGHER than other meters? I think my OneTouch seems to be about 20 mg/dL lower than my Freestyle would have been for the same meal. If the OneTouch is lower and the Freestyle was right, that is OK. But if the Freestyle was wrong and the OneTouch is right, that’s fabulous for my control! I just don’t know what to think!

I don’t know about the difference of the two meters but when I went to a mini my A1c went down significantly… So I would think it was accurate.

Thanks for your help. I wonder if we tend to be pessimists and believe the higher number. I am more than happy to see lower numbers!

I don’t know about the difference between the UltraMini and Freestyle. I do know, however, that when I compare my UltraSmart to my UltraMini, the UltraMini reads significantly higher (10 mg/dL or more). I find that to be a big deal, since I don’t use the Mini unless I’m going out into town on a Friday or Saturday night , since the Mini is much smaller and easier to carry.

Just as a side note, sometimes I wish I was a girl, just so I could use a purse to carry all my crap around…

You need a ManBag! (a reference from Chandler from Friends)!

I just got the Ultra mini and was running it against my ultra2 and it was within or less than 8 mg/dL first it was lower and then it was just slightly higher so I who knows but its the best rated meter according to consumer reports!!!

My insurance company gave me a OneTouch Mini and I was previously using the Freestyle Lite . I also have noticed that the Freestyle Lite was showing higher for the same meals.

Check the package insert that comes with the strips. I believe you will find your answer there. Another way to check is to set up all of your meters and do one poke and two strips. I know I do this with my OT and have found this is a great way to nail down the numbers.

I think the real question is not the meter but the testing strips. The blue strips for OneTouch are supposed to be extra accurate right? Maybe you can get the control solution for your meters or ask your doctor’s office for some. I work at an office and I trouble shoot meters for my patients all of time! Or take a look at your HA1C and see what RBGs it corresponds to… I just switched from OT mini to the ping with the Animas pump so my numbers are still changing due to my new treatment. Any changes to your treatment or testing sites? They could also be the culprit.

So I just realized this original discussion started two years ago… hope it worked out!