Opinions on stomach pain

Hi all, I'm interested in whatever advice anyone can give me. I'm T1 for almost 14 years now, just started taking control of my health overall and better control of my diabetes in the past year. A1c is 6.6, not what I want, but "good enough." I'm on the Omnipod and really love it.

I've been really trying to pay attention to what foods I eat--trying to start eating more Paleo and organic as well as being much more aware of what foods contain gluten, even though we have not been able to phase all of them out of our diet as of yet. I only drink water or coffee--gave up diet sodas almost a year ago now and do NOT miss them. I don't eat high carb meals like pasta and I really don't miss them. My doctor suggested limiting total carbs to under 45g at each meal to help with weight loss and I have really been sticking with that (even if I sometimes cheat and bolus for another 45g two hours after a meal for some organic chocolate!).

Recently I've noticed feeling full for much longer after a meal. And not even a large meal. For example, right now it is 4:05 and I still feel full from lunch at 12:15. I have also had a serious stitch in my side since lunch like I have been out running a marathon, which is REALLY odd because I've had to be in my office all day.

I cannot find a pattern or reasoning behind this full feeling. I don't feel sick, just still incredibly full from my meal. It doesn't happen at every meal either. Example--this morning after breakfast, I was STARVING before lunch even though I ate the same breakfast that I always do and at the same time.

I suspect I have some kind of slow digestion issue, but can't really find any more info on that. I drink lots of water throughout the day--over the recommended 64oz. I also eat a good deal of organic yogurt, but I believe I have leaky gut as well. I've ordered some high-vitamin cod liver oil to help supplement.

But in the meantime--does anyone have any advice, opinions, or general comments? I'm really not sure how to find out how to fix this!

Thanks in advance!