Other types?

ok so im new to the site and just learned from you all what type 1.5 (LADA) is, but under the members link it says other types… just how many types are there? i’ve heard of type 3, family,friend,or loved one to someone with “D”. but other than that im lost. all info is greatly appreciated!

hi, David, welcome here. Here is a discussion we had about this topic. Besides 1,2, and 1.5, there is gestational, and also there is another way to get it, if you’ve had something happen to your pancreas. I have a friend who actually survived pancreatic cancer, and now takes insulin.

Type 3 can also refer to the current research on insulin resistant neurons in the brain…hence, Alzheimer’s/dementia patients may eventually be treated w/ insulin resistance drugs commonly used for T2 diabetics and glucose intolerant patients…they (researchers) are referring to insulin resistance in Alzheimer’s as Type 3 diabetes. Interesting because my dad has Alzheimer’s and just recently noticed higher post-prandial blood sugars. I am a T1. He has Celiac, rheumatioid arthritis and hypothyroidism…all linked to T1 and other autoimmune diseases. So we are learning new things about diabetes every day:) Currently, in medicine, we name diseases based on their presentation…maybe someday, we will identify classes of symptoms based on etiology. In that case…all the autoimmune’s may be in just a few classes of diseases.