Our first Birthday Party with T1D

So my daughter turned 4 last week and her birthday party was Saturday. This is her first party since she was diagnosed Oct 4th. Let me preface the scene with saying we did the upmost due diligence in research. We discussed dosing with our Doctor, found low carb recipes for cupcakes (they were actually really good 8g), found a place that could accommodate our needs (more on that below), and researched what the BG trend SHOULD BE (you may start laughing).
Our initial plan is as follows: I called the Bounce House in Virginia Beach to ensure they could accommodate us. I want to take the time here to thank them for their effort. They went and got low carb juice pouches and low carb snacks for the party as well as researched nutrition facts for the Pizza company they use. All of which are still on hand so if you want to do a party there I would highly recommend it. Next, My wife and I discussed with the Endo what her recommended approach was to the dreaded PIZZA. We decided to deliver half of the dose prior to eating pizza and the second half 2 hours later. We also researched how activity would affect her BG. We had noticed in the past that her BG tends to spike right after intense play such as trampoline, or running. If you haven’t read it @Eric2 has some amazing topics on this. We decided that we would take her BG prior to and immediately following bouncing in the bounce house. Part of this was to verify what we suspected and part of it was to get a good read on her BG prior to eating. We also made a rule that if my daughter was still high but below 300 prior to getting the second half of the food bolus then no correction would be made.
That was the plan, here’s what really happened. Right before getting out of the car she had a BG of 144. I was in heaven. Immediately following the bouncing an hour later she had a BG 114. :confused:, but thankful she was still in rockstar BG mode. We calculated 73 carbs prior to and confirmed during the party. This is more than double her normal amount but hey, it’s her birthday and we had already discussed this and knew what to expect. We gave one unit immediately and planned on giving the second one later. The party went ok. I felt like an idiot defending the food from kids until it was time to eat, but I didn’t want kids to be eating in front of my daughter and her not being able to partake. After the party I had an event at church, but my wife was going to text me our progress. When it came time for the second dose she had a BG of 244. Insert false hopes of thinking we beat the dreaded Pizza scenario. My wife gave her the remaining unit but no additional correction. 1 unit is a lot for my daughter, she normally gets .5 units. We also agreed not to feed my daughter any snacks until dinner time in about 2 more hours. When I get home for dinner we check again. BG 372 negative KT. What the crap? The dreaded Pizza scenario claims another victim. Now we are chasing it. We give her a correction and a low carb dinner and it still comes out to 1.5 units. My thought is when she goes to bed 2 hours later she’s gonna be low and were gonna need to give her milk. I dig in for a long night. When I check her right before bed, sure enough she has a BG of 124. Crap, she drops about 100 overnight if I don’t get her up I’m gonna be waking her up for juice at 3am. I give her the milk. My wife checks her at midnight 214 BG. Expected, nervous but expected. 2am BG 211. Huh? 5am BG 200. What the heck is going on? I cannot wait till we get our DEXCOM and I can see what’s going on better. Chock one up for Chaos theory and Finite math. Learning has been accomplished.


When do you get your Dexcom system?

I find one slice of pizza (much older child) is quite easy to dose for.
Two slices of pizza is extremely difficult to dose for.

It doesn’t always make sense. Over time you start to get a feel for it.

When we would bolus at bedtime with Humalog/Novolog without a Dexcom then I would set an alarm and do a fingerstick at 3 hrs and 4 hrs (after bolus). It would be the unusual night in which a 2AM or 3AM fingerstick was not done.

My child never wakes up for fingersticks. Even for juice (if low at night) a straw makes it easy to drink so my child only wakes up barely enough to drink and is immediately back to sleep. I keep the room lights turned off and use a flashlight that takes two batteries and intentionally use one almost depleted battery to make a very dim light that is enough for me to do what I need but no more.

We have been on the Dexcom for years now and have recently upgraded to the G6. At this point with the G6, it is the rare occasion where fingersticks in the middle of the night are needed.

The insurance is working with DEXCOM right now. 2-3 weeks tops.

We check every 3 hours. she normally doesn’t wake up either. We do wake her up for juice to prevent her choking but that’s it.

I use the red lights we have on boats at night. it works really well. Pro Tip of the day: Red ink does not show up in red light.

Sounds like she had a great birthday party :partying_face:

Pizza gives many of us problems so don’t feel bad. It’s a one-two punch of carbs from the crust and pizza sauce plus the fat bounce from the cheese/meat.

I remember the expectancy preceding my first birthday with type 1 diabetes, since I was wondering how my parents would handle the awkwardness of there being no birthday cake. This was in 1966, when medical journal articles were still criticizing patients for daring to think that they could depart from their diet just by increasing their insulin dose and still maintain blood sugar control, which for some reason was thought impossible.

What I got was an elaborate glass flower holder with candles stuck in the holes. Ingenious, but not tasty.