I had a low last night after dinner…49…I know that it is probably due to the fact I took a correction before I left work. Whenever I get low…I feel so hungry…like I could eat the cabinets bare. I did eat some PB and crackers before bed. I was high this morning…145. :frowning: I just have a hard time limiting what I eat when I have a low…then I end up over correcting. This is really aggervating and wonder if anyone else has any tips or ideas, or just experiences the same thing.



Lows are awful.

Hard not to stuff our faces when low:) I use jelly beans. Thanks to a good friend, I have a bunch of different Jelly Belly flavors that taste great. Can’t stand those glucose tabs! Each jelly bean contains 1 gram of pure sugar so it’s easy to count how many I need when in a befuddled low. For me, 1 gram of sugar raises me 10 pts, so again easy not to over correct.

I don’t think 145 is that bad. I have gone from 38 to 311 in a few hours from over treating lows.

Usually if we are at home I have my boyfriend get me a glass of OJ and I stay out of the kitchen. If im not in there I am not going to grab everything. I don’t like to move when I am low and going into “lazy mode” big time so I might think about eating everything but feel too lazy to actually get up and do so.

145 is not bad at all! It could always be worse :slight_smile: I am terrible at over doing it so I look for portion controlled items so I don’t overeat. Lance cracker packs have 18-24g of carb per full pack so there work good for really low lows. Juicy Juice has 4oz drink boxes that are 15g of carb so you can’t over do it. Target has a store brand fruit strip that is 11g of carb (tasty as heck too). So I am always looking for individual sized things to raise my BGs. Jelly beans don’t work for me, I will eat 50 before I can stop myself! If you can stop at the right number, then this is a great option. I just have no will power!

Yeah, 145 isn’t bad… I’d gladly trade that for my 214 this morning!

My best advice for avoiding overeating when low is to use glucose tablets or the equivalent (smarties, skittles, jelly beans, etc) and not food… and trying to be patient.

When I am not home I use Starburst for lows. 4 starburst have 4g each, so 16g. There are only 4 colors so I will eat those four at a time, starting with my least favorite to most (so yellow, orange, pink then red lol).