Overseas Travel, Airport Security and a Pump

“Hola soy diabetica y esto es una maquina de insulina para diabetes”. I dont think you’ll have any kind of trouble. I have travelled all over the world and never ever had trouble with my insulin pump. even in the U.S. i can carry gatorade (20z) through security screening…

pump in spanish is “bomba de insulina”, but i want you to use the word “maquina”-machine…since bomba is a synonym of bomb…i dont want you to get in trouble…
hope i helped…

It concerns me when I go through security and they don’t ask. I would rather be put in the situation to have to explain what a pump is and why I carry syringes, a meter and testing supplies. If security cannot pick up on that, it makes you wonder what else can get by them.

I worked for an airline in BWI for a long time and I’ve seen all kinds of strange things that people have tried to take through security. As an employee, I crossed the security lines many times each day. Most of the TSA employees recognized the pump and only once in a while did I get the “hey, you forgot to take off your pager” lecture from them.

I agree about not putting the pump through the xray machine, plus, as a security selectee, you get to avoid the long lines. Why not request the hand scan, it’s usually faster and gets you up to the front of the lines.

Hey Bill, thanks for the tip! How do I go about requesting a hand scan? Do I have to wait in the line still? I hate the line.

At most checkpoints, there will be an ID checker near the front of the line. I usually just ask them where they would like me to proceed after I tell them that I do not wish to proceed through the walk-thru detectors. They usually direct you to a special line for “selectees” that have been randomly selected for additional screening. I find that saves more time than standing in line to go through the normal lanes.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Toni!!! I just got back from a trip and I did this, and for the first time, I walked through the line just like a normal person. It was fine in Newark, San Francisco, and Seattle. Awesome!

Yeah! I didn’t have trouble this summer traveling either, and that was internationally. The only time it ever beeped was when they used a hand wand.

i always set off the metal detector. i clip my pump on my pants or bra, it doesn’t matter. the clip itself is metal and i’m a girl, my pockets are not bulky enough, or my pants typically fit loose enough to just put it in a pocket and remove the clip, unless i’m wearing sweat pants which is rare. TSA have never had a problem with me once i tell them " i am a diabetic, this is my insulin pump". some airports (usually the bigger hubs) have secondary screening machines. some blow air at you, others are just higher powered metal detectors, or are xray type machines. However, Pat-downs are still common place and i don’t see how that will ever change. if it is embarrassing to you then dont wear a pump, or take it off and risk the higher powered xrays and put it through with your carry on luggage.
Pat downs are no fun, and niether is standing in a clear plastic box with everyone looking at you while waiting for a female assist… but ce la vie

carry a DR.s note (all though i never have) and anything else you feel you may need. ALWAYS pack extra supplies and NEVER pack your extra supplies in the suitcase that goes under the plane, have that with you as carry-on.

So far i have never encountered a problem with TSA over MDI or Pump related things. I fly at least 1 a month over the last 2 years, nationally and internationally. Within the americas, western europe, and certain asian countries (especially within the capitals/large cities) the technologies are similar, just with different names.

nope. i have an animas “ping” :slight_smile: