Ozempic for Type 1 with insulin resistance

@Robyn_H It’s not actually the insurance company, per se Blue Cross, United Health Care that are always determining coverage. It’s the companies you work for can decide what they want covered a lot of the time. So not all Blue Cross plans are the same for what they cover. Not all prescription plans are the same. They just manage what some companies decide they want covered. Now I am tied to what Medicare approves of with my 2nd insurance kicking in only if it’s covered under Medicare. I know that I was offered Invokana and Jardiance from my endo (a T1 herself) and it was covered by my insurance after I was diagnosed a T1.


@Allison1 , I wasn’t aware of that about pump bolusing. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll explore it.

My pump is doing well now, but over the last few years I encountered a lot of issues. I read others had the same problems,so I know it wasn’t just me. Why it’s been doing so well lately, is a mystery. I am grateful. Still, I think the pump is tiring. There are so many things to keep up with, lots of supplies to keep with me as backups, backups when you travel, the costs is also a major factor. I am now so used to my pump and CGM, that I’m scared to go without it. Still, I recall life before hand and it seemed so much less stressful.

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