Anyone use these for their cardio protective and kidney protective factors as well as weight loss for type ones. I know it is approved for type two but can get it covered for type one.
What was anyone who is type 1 experience using these as far as weight loss, bs control and protective factors?

I’m on Ozempic now (and over the years have previously taken Symlin, Victoza, and Trulicity) - all have worked well to help me eat less. Not sure they made a huge difference in my blood sugar levels, but they definitely help me have fewer cravings for food, which helped me lose weight and therefore had more manageable blood sugar levels.

FWIW - my insurance covers it 100%. My mom (not diabetic but prescribed a similar drug by her PCP) had no coverage for it. I think this is one that really varies.

I’ve been using ozempic for about 8 months now. Haven’t lost any weight. My doc increased my dosage from .5 to 1 mg about 3 months ago. Kinda made me less hungry. Insurance pays but I have to pay the higher tier copay.

I’m type 1 and insulin resistance has become a huge issue the past 2-3 years. That’s one of the reasons we are trying this. I have noticed I’m taking less insulin than I used to. So that’s a huge plus!

I am Type 1 for 24+ years and I have been trying Monjaro for the last few months. I am currently on 7.5. This stuff definitely makes you fill full and helps you eat less. Also, my A1C dropped .5 from a 6.3 to 5.8 over these few months I have been on it. My insurance does not cover it, however, they have a manufacturer coupon and if your insurance denies it you can buy a 1 month’s supply for $25 for 12 months.