Passing it on?

As anyone who has read my last blog or my profile will know, my long time boyfriend has diabetes. One thing you guys don’t know is that I’m hypoglycemic and have some history on both sides of my family of diabetes, including a hypoglycemic mother who got gestational diabetes with both pregnancies. Growing up, I never understood why people who are very likely to pass a disease to their children would ever choose to have children. However, now I’m seeing that we want to have kids in the future (roughly 10 years), and it is pretty likely they will have diabetes. How do parents deal with that emotionally? I want kids, but knowing they’re almost guaranteed this life sucks a lot, I would never wish that on anyone.

Hi Sarah! I do not think that is true that the kids are very likely to have diabetes. Actually the chances are pretty low! Do some research on this, but I think less than 5% of children of diabetics get diabetes.

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Anyway, my husband and I both have type 1, and our chances of having a child with diabetes were 18%. Our oldest was diagnosed last December and it sucks, I have moments of guilt over passing on bad genes, but for the most part we are all ok. In addition to bad genes we’ve passed on years of experience and expertise and a good attitude. I also suspect my husband’s genes have helped him to avoid complications even after 42 years with type one, so hopefully we’ve passed that on.

Chances of passing on diabetes when just the dad has it are 7% or less. If you and your boyfriend are concerned, you can always meet with a genetic counselor to see what the odds are. And of course having a family doesn’t always mean getting pregnant.

good luck to you!