PDF file for how to think like pancreas

Dear All,

Do you knwo where I can get the PDF file for the book how to think like pancreas last edition or Using insulin for John Walsh.Thanks a lot in advance for support

With the high piracy rates of today it is very risky to release a book in PDF form. The book "Think like a Pancreas" is only available for Kindle and Nook (both use Digital Rights Management to protect their books).

Both Think Like a Pancreas and Using Insulin are outstanding books. They are both well worth their price and should be sitting on the shelf of every one of us who depend on insulin. Think like a Pancreas is available as an ebook for nook and kindle, and Pumping Insulin is available on the nook and kindle. Unfortunately I don't think that Using Insulin is available as an ebook.

Please, buy these books, don't consider an illicit copy. We need to support these books so that the authors update them and make them available.

Dear Brian, thank you for your reply but i never meant that I need to get an illicit copy of the book no never, matter of fact I bought diabetes solution with half price cos it is here in Dubai but reality is that books are not easily found here as there in USA where u have huge book stores like barnels and nobles.
Anyway I thought that maybe there is a source that I can buy PDF version of the book.
Excuse my ignorance but can I use this nook or kindle in laptops or these are only for Ipads and tablets

You can read both nook and kindle ebooks on your laptop, android phone/tablet, ipad or iphone. The apps to do this are free.

thanks a lot Mr. Brian

I keep "think like a pancreas" and "The ultimate guide to accurate carb counting" both by Gary Scheiner, on my Android smartphone for reference when traveling, eating out etc. Once you buy kindle books, you can put them on any of your devices (phone, laptop, kindle reader, etc) all at once.

HPN Thanks a lot, seems that I must change the black berry with I phone or samsung smart phone or even I pad...thanks for the advice

"think like a pancreas" is also available on Kobo (kobobooks.com) - they have a program you can download so you can read any of their books on any computer.

Thanks Otter, I will tryit

I have the 3rd edition of Pumping Insulin - copyright 2000. Does anyone know if there are any significant changes in the current (5th) edition?