Pen quits working

I am on the symlin pen and the last 2 pens quit working. I have used pens for insulin before and never had this problem. I am unable to pull it back when I take my symlin. I cannot turn it to a different dose. It just quit working about half way through the pen. Anybody else have this problem and if so were you able to fix it?

Hi David Lee. I use a Levemir pen. Since I'm sensitive to insulin I need exact amounts, including half units. Since the Levemir pen only gives whole units, I use BD syringes with 1/2 unit markings instead of pen needles for my doses. I don't know whether or not your pen can be fixed, but you could use syringes to take the rest of the symlin in it.

I was thinking of that today. Thanks for the reply. I will give that a try.

No problem..... But
you can use a syringe to "suck out" the contents of a pen if you have to do it. I know when Lantus "goes dry" there is always some left in that pen. I just use a syringe to pull it out then inject it. I know the nurse at the hospital taught me that, so it must be a common issue.

Actually after playing with the pen I found out over time I must have not been pushing it all the way down when injecting. I happen to just push hard on the end and heard a couple of clicks and it began working.