Phone Diagnoses - Opinions (Struggling)

I am sharing my story in the hopes I will get your opinion.

I am going to start by sharing some symptoms I have had that I originally blamed on depression and a blood thinner. I have had wounds and patches of skin on my legs that are hairless but have a small red rash that has not gone away. I have several injuries from college football as well that I am working on (Dislocated Shoulder/Broke Leg in 14 places and I need a knee replacement).
Perhaps the worst of ALL is the absolute lack of energy and sluggishness that just came out of nowhere. I felt like I was carrying someone on my back when I would go up the stairs. I mean everything felt like a huge effort. I could barely stand. Last Wednesday I had a blood test. My Hematologist checks regularly HOWEVER I am able to see the results and I noticed something … My glucose level is consistently in the red.

I called my General Practitioner for now and told him about how my blood pressure was dangerously low a day earlier and that day it was dangerously high. I felt awful and told him everything I have shared. He immediately recognized this as Type 2 Diabetes. This doctor is not one to prescribe medication but he said I needed to start Metformin 1000mg a day. I also had to change my diet which im struggling with. Veggie Burgers … only so many varieties lol. Oh I also have pain in my lower left stomach which he said is my pancreas. All was done over the phone.

For 5 days I continued to feel awful…I thought the diagnosis was wrong. Todays approx 7/8 days on Metformin and I woke up with energy and much less pain. I felt like I could walk and had energy. I just want to know if this sounds like Type 2…I dont know what to do :confused:
Thank You for Your Time!!!

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Its great you got your energy back!

Did your doctor mention starting bg testing (blood glucose)? Even if not, it would be a good thing to do. Checking your bg will help you confirm your diabetes, or continue to pursue other diagnosis.

Assuming you have diabetes, you’re in the right place, and will learn there are many differences and similarities within this group, and you will also be helping others.


@CountryBuck. Welcome to TuDiabetes! You are in a good place here. Your age would be an interesting fact to add to your story. You have mentioned ‘college football injury recovery’. Some times (you have not said this) steroids are used to decrease inflammation. Steroids can mess with blood sugar levels.

About T2D, every person is unique. The signs & symptoms can be different or the same or over lap on some and not others. Your GP may have seen this collection of symptoms before and had a Eureka moment giving rise to reporting you are a T2D and prescribing Metformin.

Again, the timing of your football injuries & your visiting a hematologist open the door to more unanswered questions. Are the regular blood tests because of a blood thinner? Does your GP & hematologist communicate regularly? If so, ask the doctor ordering your blood work to order an A1c (hemoglobin A1c or glycosylated hemoglobin). Look up this test so you know more. In a thumbnail, red blood cells live about 120 days. At a very specific age, the outer coat of a red blood cell (RBC) is sensitive to and changes some with your blood sugar level. The amount of glucose in the coating of RBCs can be measured and reported as a % (percentage). Levels about 5.0% to 6.0% normal. With levels of 6.0% up indicative of something wrong. The greater the number above 6.5% the greater the concern.

Country Buck, keep us informed. By sharing, all of us who read what you share can learn from the journey you are making. Welcome.

You don’t need to eat veggie burgers only. As a matter of fact veggie burgers have more carb than real meat. But perhaps you also want to lower cholesterol and fat so it makes sense.
I find lean meat and fish to get a good variety and healthier.
I eat less and less meat but that’s not for health or weight but just the animal thing.
You could use some training on how to count carbs and balance it with protein.
I don’t know why a doctor wouldn’t prescribe medicines. But going in to a doctor might answer some questions. You might need a new one who is doing in person visits. Preferably an endo.
Diabetes no matter they type will zap your energy until you can get it under control.

High blood sugar can make you feel like crap.
You can get a blood sugar machine and test it yourself. There will be videos online.
You can buy a blood sugar machine at Walgreens drug store or Walmart.
You can check with us and see if the numbers are good or bad.

If your blood pressure is low, you can get an at home cuff, but ask the pharmacist. I got one at Walgreens and the cuff was so large that I was getting ridiculous readings. If you get ridiculous readings, stop into the clinic or a fire station and ask them to check it for you.

Low Blood pressure is a very common reason that people pass out. We can’t have people getting serious injuries from these minor problems during the time of covid. Low BP can make you pass out in the bathtub/shower or while driving. Thats a common reason for people to get hurt.

These are your common vital signs and you should get to know what is normal for you and keep an eye on yourself now because it is more important than ever.

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