Physics professors granted patent for new device that could revolutionize diabetes managemen

I’m sure it will take a little time for this to be developed and to be made economically feasible as a substitute. But this would certainly be nicer!

Physics professors granted patent for new device that could revolutionize diabetes management


Really interesting! Thanks for posting.

If this was commercialized it would help those using test strips alone, but as described couldn’t match a CGM’s ability to continuously monitor BG. Now if they could devise something convenient and non-invasive (no implanted sensors) that would do that… Wow!

Noviosense from the netherlands has something that sits under the lower eyelid - I guess they’re looking to bring it to market

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Where’s Google Glass when you need it?

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Of course for a diabetic that doesn’t want, or can’t afford a CGM and the sensor costs. There are also a lot of type 2’s that don’t want to wear a CGM 24/7. I’m thinking an eye scanner would be great.

Imagine if they could just scan your eye as part of a normal check up with the doctor too? This could catch problems with blood sugar problems much faster, although there might be too many variables for that. (when you have last eaten etc) Maybe hospitals for quick checks and then follow up with a finger prick if needed?

The eye CGM sounds good too, although I feel more leery about something sitting in my eye 24/7. I have allergies, so I would worry about itchy eyes etc.

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Can’t wait to see the Google Glucose Glasses… say that five times fast :grinning:

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That popular press-release type article didn’t make much of an impression on me.

My first question is whether the difference in refractive index is going to be sufficiently consistent across different individuals or different circumstances to be well calibrated.

I’ve been hearing about this stuff for 25 years. However none of it has come to fruition. It’s really frustrating. Dexcom was initially supposed to be an implanted sensor that would be changed every other year. Kind of how eversense is.
But the went with the current stuck in you idea, which is good. I get good data, but an infrared sensor or an optical sensor would be so much better for looping or hybrid loop systems.
I would prefer a cure, but it seems like most tech is looking at treatment and not cures