Plant sterols and low sugars

I have started taking plant sterols about a month ago. Some people here suggested it because I can’t take statins.

I haven’t been real good about remembering to take it but lately I have been better
Last night I took it after dinner.
My sugar dropped from usual 110 to 73 and I got a predictive alarm. This never happens on my tandem loop.
I got up ate a banana and went back to bed.

My pump reduced me from .8 to .2 per hour for most of the night and I never got a bump from the banana. I ran in the 80s until 4 am.

I am certain the cholestoff is dropping my sugar. I don’t know why.
Is it dropping my lipids and therefore giving me better sensitivity? Or does it change my sensitivity on its own.

Anyone else get this effect?

I have been taking Cholestoff for many months now. I haven’t noticed lower glucose levels. My LDL number has dropped though.