Please help... Can't get BG down below 175

So sorry what you’re going through. I’m Type 1, so I didn’t have the choice not to use insulin. I have several Type 2 friends & have better control then they do. All dread going on insulin as if it’s a terrible thing, when it helps protect whatever beta cells you have. Those high numbers & feeling ill from meds is scarier.

I promise injections don’t hurt. I have tiny needles & don’t feel it at all. Testing hurts more. Of course, a fear of needles is another thing.

Of course, you could eat practically nothing at all & still have high BG when your body doesn’t have what it needs. Please, please don’t fear insulin. It isn’t some end of the road treatment at all.

Exercise makes my BG go up, too.

Please let us know what your doctor says.

Hi Lilypad,
What great news. You and your doctor obviously have a great working relationship. Stay the course and you can make any changes you need. Good luck to you.

You should NOT be patient.

Your blood sugars with metformin and a low carb diet are high enough that you should be getting tested for autoimmune diabetes.

Thanks to my web site ( I have heard from so many people who share your reluctance to try insulin. When they finally do start it, I hear from them again–usually with their telling me how they feel a zillion times better, have normal energy and wish they had started the insulin months or years before!

The needles do not hurt. The insulin usually works very well.

And more importantly, if you are not producing insulin the longer you delay supplementing insulin, the more damage is being inflicted on your surviving beta cells.

Insulin is a LOT easier to use when you still have some beta cells to help smooth the edges. So earlier insulin is much better for long term control.

And I repeat. The needles don’t hurt. The insulin works. Normal blood sugars feel good!

Wow. We are really lucky to have you on here Jenny.

hi lily,
it’s amy. i hear your anxiety and frustration. i can’t tell you what to do, i’m newer than you are. i just understand what you’re going through cause my bs isn’t coming down either. it was 395 today. i think i’m eating properly. i sure don’t have enough energy to exercise. i don’t even know how i’m supposed to go back to work next week if my level doesn’t even out. I’m so damn tired. i hope you get some answers when you call your dr.

This has been an extremely interesting discussion for me. I am a newly diagnosedT2- about 3 months. I was started on metformin 500mgm twice a day and gradually increased to 1Gm twice a day. My 2 hour post parandial sugars are anywhere from 122 to 240. I believe I am following the diet. I have also been weighing my food to make sure the proportion are correct. I see my Dr in about 2 weeks. Could anyone document the source of where instituting Insulin can save what remaining beta cells remain? If I’m going to bring it up to her I want to include the source of the material I’ve referenced. Thanks so much.

I was somewhat depressed I was put on insulin immediately after diagnosis, I imagined mainlining a 6-inch needle into my arm like a heroin addict, but when I saw the actual needle which is about 1/2 inch my spirits were lifted. Once a day shot into my stomach fat, its basically like another BG lancing, and my results were immediate and significant.

Hi neighbor!

I was having the same thoughts as Jenny, Lily. Is there a chance you are not type 2 at all, but LADA? 20% of type 2’s are misdiagnosed and are in fact type 1’s or LADAs (a slower onset type 1). Are you thin or have you been losing weight? Do you have another autoimmune condition such as thyroid? I suggest you get a c-peptide and antibody testing to know for sure so that you are treating the condition you really have!

I am on metformin and it does take a while for it to kick in. I think you should be tested but give it some time to work. Metformin is not an insulin shot and does not work to bring glucose down 30 minutes after you pop the pill. Also remember the people in this site are not medical doctors so you may want to take advice but follow up with medical advice. This site will give you guidance as to what question to ask and may even help you drive how you and your doctor treat your condition but take it as advice and should not be a subsitute for real medical advince. Some people here will freak you out more than the doctor.

If something goes wrong your fist line will be a doctor and not a website. Now some of the advice here is good. When i was first diagnosed I was put on insulin but I did not stay on insulin. I am on metformin now, so the pancreas did eventually kick back again after taking a break with the help of insulin but it does take a while for the body to readjust with metformin and before you start seeing lower number. Now as how soon you should see those numbers talk to your doctor about the time frame.

We are all different so what works for one may not work for others.