Just lookin for suggestions. I’m a newbie and just started my medn1 week ago. Since I’ve been on the med I feel worse than ever. So drained, sleepy. and nausea. Any tips?

What kind of blood sugars are you having, Bree? If your blood sugars are still quite high that could account for your feeling badly. What medication are you on? If you’re on Metformin, that frequently has gastrointenstinal side effects which often go away after taking it for awhile, so that might account for the nausea. If your blood sugars are still high, you should talk to your doctor and let him know the meds aren’t helping. Also have you had antibody testing to make sure of your type? One more question, have you learned about changes in your diet you can make to reduce blood sugars?

today’s reading at noon was 112 when this morning at 7am was 243. dont know why when i’ve been eating well, watching the carbs,etc. I am on Metformin and started in June 28th 2011.

metformin does take a little bit of time to kick in and be full effective. Dont expect metformin to be like an insulin shot where you eat and pop a pill and glucose leves come down. It took about 3 months before my numbers started to become stable. Also my diet change drastically and I started getting better readings. It took like 3 months til my stomach started to settle on the meds when I did not have the nausaea. Sorry to hear about your troubles but it does take a little bit of time for things to settle.

The 112 is great! I’m assuming that 243 was before breakfast, not after? I agree with PatientX to give it some time. One week is very recent. If you continue to have numbers that high when you get up then you might want to talk to the doctor about what to do to get those fasting #'s down. But if you haven’t been tested for Type, be sure and do that as well, to make sure you are being treated for the right condition… Especially if you are not overweight and/or have thyroid disease as well.

You do not say what medication you are on but anything will take time to adjust to. Your symptoms do sound as though you are still running high (but you do not say what your highest and lowest have been since you have been testing). If you have not got a testing kit yet then I highly recommend that you get one. It will be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have! You will go through hundreds in a life time, and even if you are not correctly dressed when you go out, then you HAVE to take the kit with you!

There are a whole host of life-style changes that you need to get your head around - and your diagnosis is probably one of the hardest things! You are probably still in shock too. Different people react to their diagnosis differently! For example, it may sound crazy but when I was diagnosed (after 10 years of feeling very ill, but being dismissed as depressed and neurotic) my diagnosis was a huge relief and after my initial swear word (I am needle phobic) I was euphoric! For so long I had been missed, that to have a reason for my ill health was a relief in itself.

They put me on gliclazide to begin with and left me with a testing kit. I had one lesson with it - there was no diabetic nurse at the hospital. I was nervous about it and ended up having to teach the nurses how to use it!!! I was still in hospital at that point having had abdominal operations and having been accused of going out of the hospital to the nearest shop (2 1/2 miles away!!!) to get booze! One of the symptoms of a high glucose level is the smell of acetone on your breath - which can to the uninitiated smell like cider! I knew that I had not. How could I? I was stuck in hospital for 8 weeks previously! It was only when they had been about to dismiss me and send me home, they decided to do one last test.

It will get better. Go back to the doctor if you are still feeling ill. They might have to change the medication, increase or lower the dose. meanwhile, drink plenty of water and rest up.

Sending big warm hugs to help you on your way!

Ah, have just read your other post and that you are on Metformin! That can cause the symptoms you are describing. It may get better, but if after say a month it is not, then go back to the doctor for a change. One size does NOT fit all. Some people will be fine with Metformin, others won’t. There are other tablets you can try.