PLEASE READ.... and help a good person


Hi everyone,

I have been so busy, I am truly disappointed in the fact I haven't had time to put up some new videos. Videos that I know make me feel good, and ones that I hope make you feel good as well.

IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN ANYTHING POSITIVE FROM MY VIDEOS... I think I might need some help, so why not ask GOOD people that might be willing to help.

I have purchased as a domain name. I want to post my videos there and build a network of good people who have diabetes, and or are a good person that care about someone who has this life regulating disease.

If YOU or anyone YOU know can help a good person get this website running or have any ideas on what I might need, as content. Please let me know. I don't know how to design web pages and I am looking for any constructive help.

Thank you in advance!


Web sites are a lot of work. Everyone has their preference of web site editing software. Some like the free software offered by their host. Some like Front Page 2003 and others hate it. I don’t like WYSIWYG because I learned to code a long time ago.

I’ve used Front Page 2003, Site Builder and Coffee Cup. What software is free with your pkg? Any?


I design websites if you need any help. I use dreamweaver as i HATE front page but i do know how to hand code as well.


I would more then welcome both your help. I just purchased the domain name from I don’t know the code or software… I would l really enjoy anytime we can talk about how to set it up. I didn’t pick a host yet either. Just the site name. I know its going to be a lot of work and research for me. I just want something simple with my videos and blogs I guess.


Ok, so you use dreamweaver, I looked on my godaddy account for the free software but couldn’t find it. If dreamweaver can put videos in then let’s do it.

You can email me at

anyone can… :slight_smile: thank you in advance!


Personally, I think you should learn to design and keep your own web site up-to-date from the start. Sign-up with a host server who offers free WYSIWYG software. Then, you don’t have to know any html.

I’m sorry that I don’t have time to put together a web site for you because I am busy with web sites for clients. But, you can e-mail me: , if you have any questions about host servers or whatever.



I really do thank you. I understand. I am just in the research stage here, I think in about 2 weeks I’ll have it all together. Thanks for your help, if I have anyquestiosn I’ll ask.


Please do ask! I think anyone, that puts together such great videos, as you do, can easily create his own web site. There are so many free tools available, these days. Just takes a bit of time to put it all together but I know you can do it.