Pod Placement

I have come to realize that my arms to not work at all. My thighs can. Right now I have my pod on my abdomen. Will this get in the way during intimate moments? I'm thinking about switching back to my Minimed.

I hate it on my arms because it doesn’t stick as well and for some reason gets a little sore. That’s where I have it placed right now though. My favorite place is my lower back. I just got it 3 weeks ago and haven’t tried out my abdomen yet or my thigh. How’s it feel there?

Only problem I had with it on my lower back was it getting it caught on the back of a chair. I don’t know why I’m just freaked out to put it on my stomach. Thigh I’m not sure if my jeans would even fit over it so I’m really just doing lower back and arm but maybe I’ll grow a pair and try my stomach. I just got it 3 weeks ago, so I can’t say I know for sure. I don’t see it being an issue though… As Long as you’re not dating a shallow person who cares about it. I can’t see anything going wrong with it though, so I’d have to guess it wouldn’t be a problem.

I wear mine on my arm, and as far as intimacy, it hasn’t been an issue after I tell people what it is. To be honest, people have not asked, but once I tell them, its a non issue. Once I learned to sleep with it on my arm, I haven’t put it anywhere else.

What issues are you having with arms, Cocheze?

I find the backs of my upper arms the best of all spots. Especially from the standpoint of intimacy.


Just exactly what sort of orgies are you having?

Is it some sort of club we can join?

Funny you mention that…but…this isn’t the place to mention the club :slight_smile:

Like Chelsea said, it shouldn’t really matter if the person isn’t super shallow. As far as being “in the way,” unless you’re doing some Kama Sutra stuff I don’t think you’ll be doing anything much more disruptive than day to day things like exercise, sleep, putting on/taking off clothes, etc. I used to have a MiniMed pump and I’d urge you to ask as many questions as you can before going back to it. I know that for me I’d never go back to a tubed pump.

Also, for me, disconnecting the MiniMed interrupted the “flow” of intimacy more than the OmniPod ever has.


Cocheze you look a little "buffer" than me from our pic. and that might be the issue with your arms. I put mine on my arms, lower part, almost to my pit (yes hair gets caught sometimes, ouch!). I have used my abdomen and yes it does get in the way in those moments when you don't want to have a pump at all…I have also used my thighs but used to inject there a lot and so they don't absorb insulin too well any more, beside the dang thing sticks out and I kept knocking it off. Good luck!

Well of course everyone is different, and I wasn't trying to imply that because OmniPod is overwhelmingly better for my life that it has to be for yours as well. I was just saying that for me, the pod is way better.

In terms of the "flow of intimacy" comment - I mean it in as literal a sense as possible. As in, if I'm with someone and things start to heat up, I need to stop those things to disconnect my pump before continuing.

As for "ask as many questions as you can" - I love the Pod, and I know a lot of people here do as well, so maybe we can help you through the difficulties you've been having and help you to integrate it better into your life. However, I'm sure it isn't for everyone, and it sounds like you've made up your mind.

If it were me, I would definitely go back to the MiniMed rather than go back to MDI. I absolutely can't imagine ever going back to MDI.

Don't know if this helps, but I had issues with placing it on the back of my arm until I changed the way I did it. It used to get torn off all the time when I would just try to reach the back of my arm by leaving one arm relaxed and using my other hand to place it as far back as possible.

Now what I do is raise my one arm like I'm scratching the back of my head. I then place the pod as close to my armpit and shoulder joint as possible, with the cannula insertion direction pointing towards my elbow. When I relax the arm on which I placed it, it ends up being so completely out of the way that I often forget it's even there.

Also, my build is similar to yours, but I find there is a sufficient thin layer of fatty tissue to give me good absorption.

I don't find that it gets in the way of "intimacy" at all. But then again, I think I might be a bit older than you and my activity might be less acrobatic. :-)

I have had the Pod for over 5 years. Having it on my abdomen has not been a problem during intimate moments or at any other time. If the person you are intimate with knows about the Pod, that person should not mind at all. If that person does mind, find someone new.