POLL: Do you do intermittent fasting?

Watched few videos of Dr.Jason Fund and got inspired :slight_smile:

I started with 2 meals yesterday and feel really good.

Today is my second day.

I have breakfast at 7 am , lunch at 12 and after that nothing except water.
So far, so good!

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Hey everyone, I wrote about following the IF program. Hope you enjoy it, and/or it helps! https://nyti.ms/2JV5FHd
You too @Terry4


Well done, Larissa! Your observations about your time restricted eating align well with mine. This paragraph resonated with me.

What I personally know is this: When I’m fasting, my mental clarity is a boon to my work, and my blood sugar has less variability — a side effect that’s a payoff for all (studies have shown that blood glucose variability is a good marker for the likelihood of a risk to developing diabetes). Then, when I’m sleeping, my blood sugar remains in a more constant, healthier range, without the usual food-related surprises.

Since I write almost every day, it serves as a concrete proxy for my cognitive health. Composing, turning kernels of thought into words, sentences and a logical flow of ideas works best when my body is unburdened with digestion. The hours between getting up and a late morning breakfast can be especially productive for me.

Too often, people focus on what they’re trading away and not on the tangible benefits they accrue. I think limiting the hours of food consumption can give your body a break from the constant onslaught of three meals plus snacks each and every day. The rhythm of this way of eating makes so much sense to me.

If you want to be a better you, give time limited eating a try. It’s improved the quality of my life.

By the way, I think I met Dr. Kushner at the Low Carb Denver conference last March. I agree with his take on ketogenic eating and diabetes. This way of eating, combined with time restricted eating are a powerful match.

Thanks for posting your NYT link.