Possible cure for Type 1

Check out this link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/260762.php#.UZwFIeCst9A.facebook Very interesting research, they have reversed r cured Type 1 in animals and are now looking for a way to do it with humans.

Thanks for posting. This is an interesting approach but it will need years of research and money to answer many questions: Will the attack of the beta cells be stopped forever (prevention of T1 development)? Potential negative side effects of CD52 induced lifelong immune supression (cancer rates, general safety etc)? Will the beta cells of long time T1 diabetics have the potential to regrow (finally this would be the cure)? I hope they will find investors to fully explore the potential of CD52.

I agree, unless you have a very focused suppression of the immune response associated with autoimmune T1, the cure may be worse than doing nothing. And the CD52 is far from specific, actually being a family. And the one being explored is a mouse antibody, almost guaranteed to be different than human. Immune systems are actually vital, this is by no means a "cure" at this time.