Possible Dawn Phenomenon

I experienced my first illness in December since being diagnosed in April 2017. I dealt with the sugar spikes and finally got back to a range of 90-120. Lately, I have noticed that my numbers are much higher in the mornings. My readings are anywhere from 140-170. This just kind of appeared out of nowhere. Last night I took my BG at 10 and I was in the 90’s. This morning I woke up and I was at 167. I only take metformin 500mg 2x daily. I go back to the endo next month. I still only take my BG 2x daily. During the day I can range from 80-120’s. Is there a chance my meds could possibly change now?

You could call and ask to have your Metformin increased. I know a lot of Type2 folks who take 1000mg twice a day.

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It might also be your dinner timing, proportions, and/or content. For many of us that greatly affects our am sugars. I personally have my smallest meal of the day, a salad, prior to 6:30 pm or I have huge nighttime spikes. As always, your experience may vary…

I don’t know your situation so I’m not advocating this, but for lowering and managing bg, insulin is highly effective!

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eat a lite snack , like a slice or 2 ham , or a half a tsp of peanut butter something that will tell the liver you don’t need a dose of extra insulin between the early morning hours

I would also record my bs . You said 1 time it was high. Evaluate until you see the endo before jumping to increasing your meds. The protein snack is a good one. Nancy