Possible LADA dx after Gestational diabetes?

I was diagnosed early on in my pregnancy with gestational diabetes. I controlled it well with diet etc. Now my dtr is almost 11 months old, and I had an A1c done... 6.2 When I first got pregnant my A1c was 5.3. Has anyone else had this happen? I do have a mom with Type I and a dad with type II. Should also mention I'm not overweight, low BP, and good cholesterol. Totally not a typical type II. I have an appointment tomorrow... I hope I don't have to argue with them about the antibody tests :-(

Thanks for any advice!

Hi AbbisMom: Quite a few women here on TuDiabetes were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes/LADA after gestational diabetes. Sadly, many were also misdiagnosed as having Type 2, so you have to be very careful to get a correct diagnosis. I write about autoimmune gestational diabetes in this blog. I hope you find the blog useful and let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow! Best of luck!

Having a A1c of 6.2 is not a indication that your even a diabetic. Is your BG high at some point during the day? My wife is not a diabetic and has tested 6.2 on several A1c tests no big deal. I'm a Type I and my A1c has not been over 5.7 in over 5 year.s (4.3 to 6.1 is normal) My brother is a Type II, He needs insulin , 5'-11" and weighs 145 lbs , no heart trouble or high cholesterol, whats is a typical type II...???

Between 5.7 and 6.4 are actually considered pre-diabetic, where 6.5 and over is considered a diabetes diagnosis. It's a different thing when someone who is known to have diabetes is managing their blood sugar of course. Mine is 5.7 as well and it cracks me up when it says "you are at risk for diabetes" on the lab slip!

The diagnostic numbers are the same for either type. The only difference is that the term "pre-diabetic" is more commonly used for Type 2's. with classic Type 1, there generally is no "pre" period, but I think they might need a new term to describe a LADA/Type 1 in the early stages now that they are starting to diagnose Type 1's earlier (and not just assuming they are type 2's)

Type II is generally associated with being overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It’s part of the metabolic syndrome. While 6.2 isn’t technically diabetic it’s a huge leap from my 5.3

Thank you, I will check it out!

Do you test your BG after meals? This is Mayo-clinics rule: When the A1C test is used to diagnose diabetes, an A1C level of 6.5 percent or higher on two separate tests indicates you have diabetes. Have you had a (OGTT) test. Your next A1c could be 5.3...;-)

If you do not have enough iron in your bloodstream, your A1C test results may be falsely high.

You need some tests done but one A1c test does not get you a ...yes diabetic diagnoses!

I have never agreed with this pre-diabetic diagnoses for a type 1...if your Type 1 it's a yes to Antibody's except in some rare genetic types of Diabetes. Remember the odds are still in your favor that your not a Type1. But since your Mum is a Type 1 you should have no problem getting your Doctor to run some Antibody tests.

I haven't tested since after I had my daughter. I'm currently out of strips, but will be getting some from my dad next week. I asked my doc today if she would consider having me test a few times, and she said no. She actually didn't even want to do the antibody test, but finally did after I basically demanded them. She had never even heard of LADA or the new type 1.5.. We'll see.. I had the GAD, and the Islet antibody tests done, in addition to another A1c. Now just to wait and see what the results are... Oh, and I have done a OGTT, but not since after I had my daughter.

There is NO typical Type 2!! YDMV!!



your doc is nuts the new a1c standerd is 5.7 for diabetes so yeah you hav it time to get a new doc

Who's new standard is 5.7 ???

The new standard is an A1c of 5.7 indicates "pre-diabetes" (2010 ADA recommendations). I actually believe that pre-diabetes is just diabetes.

I really just depends on who you respect....Mayo no longer uses the term pre-diabetes.

Interesting. They are now calling it "at risk" which really does make sense, but they've raised the bottom of the category from 5.7 to 6.0; I wonder why. That means less people are looking at and watching their numbers, and making needed changes - less, in effect, have the "heads up" that could lead to forestalling or preventing an eventual diagnosis.

Odd, that the terms will be phased out, as I believe that those terms have MORE a direct impact on people taking action than the wishy washy term "at risk".

very true

No, 5.7 is the number some people use for "pre-diabetes". Diabetes is still considered to be 6.5 and over.

Good luck with your trials! I hope that in the end everything has worked out. I wouldn't give up no matter what happens with your #'s (unless they magically get better!). It seems as if you are on top of things. Keep it up and keep pushing! I think after pregnancy if you A1c is not back to normal then you need to just keep checking your bs and stay on top of your docs. For me personally my A1c has never gotten that high (my highest was 6.5 I think), but it was my day to day bs's that kept rising and making me feeling crappy that pushed me to push my docs to get all the tests I needed. Unfortunately the medical community has some catching up to do with diagnosing diabetics. The tests eventually showed that I was an LADA and needed insulin. My internal med. doctor admitted to me later she didn't even consider all the tests that the Endo.'s eventually ordered which is what got me to my diagnosis. It doesn't matter what type someone is in the end (if they are getting the appropriate treatment)- what matters is that you have a good control and you feel good. Especially as you are raising your children. We all want to live healthy and well so we can see our grandchildren someday!