Pre and post workout foods

Does any one feel the same as what I do?? Do you think hard what to eat before workout which is enough to sustain your workout. And do you feel irresistably tempted to gorge on foods after your workout??? Please share in your valuable views . . .

I have a plan and pretty much stick to it. Today I ran 12 miles, I had a bit of DP, like 130 and had bolused of my CGM at 4:00AM to correct that, tested at 4:30 and got 180 and was like "%$&*" CB+ food of 7G, figuring I'd skip toast, waited around for 1/2 hour/ 45 min and it was crashing so maybe the 180 was gunk on my fingers or something so I ate toast and a couple of pistachio white chocolate chip cookies, about 25G of carbs and ran. My CGM was behaving itself and I was 80 around starting (6:30AM) w/ food on board, we ran 3 miles and I was sipping 30G of carb gatorade, had about 1/2 bottle, refilled so the GA was 1/2 strength at 7 miles and ran back and seemed to be around 110 when I finished but didn't test for a while when I got home. I usually have a glass of skim milk for 3 miles and a glass of skim milk and a 1/2 bottle of gatorade (10-12G of carbs...) at the turn for 6 miles and then bring Smarties (dextrose) along for longer runs and/ or emergencies. I bring 2x bottles of Gatorade for most of our runs > the 12 miles we did today.

I'm totally tempted to gorge when I get home from running but try to fill up on coffee and water. I put a lot of hot sauce on a lot of things too, so then the food seems more filling