Pre Pump Nerves

I know… everyone tells me…that going on a pump will make my son’s life soooooo much easier. I want that for him. However, I have the pump sitting in the dining room right now and on Thurdsay the 20th he gets it put on for the first time. I am nervous about it. Things are going sooo well right now on the pens. I have researched/read books/ learned so much about everything that I have him in fairly tight control now. He give himself the shots but I help w/most of the rest. I am worried than now the pump will be the one in charge and not me. Silly huh? He won’t have to keep as close paper doc. of his numbers because the pump will do that now. I plan on checking and down loading “him” once a week…but now… I know what is going on every three hrs!! I am ready for the control of being able to change his bolus rates…that will be awesome…but…now the pump will figure IOB…good and bad. He will eat more now that he can. That will throw things off. Ok… I know… quit being a control freak… the pump will be great.

Yes, the pump will be great.

Among other things (that you already know):

  • Better control
  • Fewer “shots”. Just count the number of syringes you use in a week vs. 2 - 4 infusion set changes.
  • Ultimately gives your son AND you more of your life back. There will be fewer fire drills.

Relax, just like MDI there will be a learning curve. There will be different challenges to overcome, but once there you will find yourselves on a new plateau and be able to see new horizons.

Fair Winds,

I think you and your son will enjoy using the pump! I am getting used to my new MiniMed 723 Revel pump after being on the 715 for over 4 years. It has its up and downs. Mostly ups though! There’s nothing that says you have to stop the tracking him with paper.