I initially found this site because I was googling prednisone and blood sugar and found several people on here that had problems. I am an insulin (pump) dependent diabetic who was prescribed prednisone for a sinus infection at an urgent care. By the time I got home my blood sugar was over the meter (600). I wondered if the doc read that I was diabetic and found information on this site about how prednisone affects your blood sugar. I am now tapering off of it ( only take half tab a day) but it is still having a strong impact on my diabetes. I am wondering if it is making the sinus infection worse because high blood sugar makes your more prone to infections? The sinus infection seems to improve one day and gets worse the next. Any ideas?

I have a pump and doubled my basal rate when I had an rx for some steroid, it might’ve been prednisone, a couple of years ago and it worked ok? I dunno if I’d do that w/ shots though?

I’ve actually had it more than doubled for the past week and I have been tripeling the boluses but thought I figured I could decrease it by today (started having a lot of lows and now only taking 1/6 the amount of prednisone I started with) but when I tried, it shot straight back up. Not sure how or when to return to regular basal and bolus rate. I am also wondering if I should just stop taking it.