Pregnancy with type 1 Diabetes (1st pregnancy)

Hi all,

I am new to this site and am about 3 months pregnant with our first child. I am still trying to figure out how to control my sugars and hit in the 200s atleast once daily :-/ I was wondering if anyone else has been through the same and some support would be great!

I there! I'm Type 1 for 20 years, and I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my first as well! Congratulations! You've come to the right group. The women here are fantastic and have great advice. I'd suggest reading through some of the older threads to get ideas about how to help with specific problems you might be having. I think what counts the most in pregnancy is overall blood sugar control. I've definitely had highs here and there too, but what matters is that you correct them quickly and aren't high for hours and days at at time. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! We're all here to help each other out, so you're definitely not alone! Congratulations and good luck!

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Welcome, Mel! I agree with Erin, it’s the overall control that matters most. It’s easy to stress about it when you have a baby on board, but I had to learn to just correct, consider whether the high is a part of a pattern requiring a change in dosage, then move on. Adding stress hormones to the mix isn’t helpful, and it can even make it harder to bring your BG back down.

Almost no matter what we do, we will have highs. As my endo says, “type 1 control is just never going to be perfect.” Plus, as I’m sure you’ e learned, pregnancy hormones throw you through a loop and you will see your insulin resistance rise after a while. That’s just pregnancy with D!

Hi there, and congratulations! I've definitely been there--I'm type 1 and 21 weeks pregnant now with our second. You might want to check out my discussion called "Awesome article by Lois Jovanovic" for some additional info about control while pregnant. It taught me things none of my doctors has ever told me, but are very important. There was also a web chat with Dr. Jovanovic recently that I think is available on TuDiabetes' YouTube channel. (In my opinion, she has some very extreme ideas and some very helpful ones.)

Not everyone wants to do low-carb, but I will tell you that I am eating much lower carb this pregnancy and my post-meal numbers are much, much better than they were with my first pregnancy. If you're interested, check out this link for some basic nutrition guides for controlling post-meal blood glucose: (Sansum is where Dr. Jovanovic works).

Best of luck, and keep posting the questions!

Hi Erin,

Congratulations as well! It is so exciting to carry your first, but also frustrating with the blood sugar control. I do have the Dexcom, so I see when my sugar is going high and low so its something that is really helpful during this time. Keep in touch and good luck!

Hi Lizzi,

I think doctors don't realize how hard it is to keep control of your blood sugars at this time, but we all try our best. I have now been waking up with lows in the 40s because she wanted to raise my Lantus, so I am not sleeping well because of it. I just cannot wait until I can hold my baby!

Hi E. Louise,

Thanks I will check it out! I am always so hungry, so the carb counting just does not happen for me, but I will look into that :-)


I want to share that I am 2 months pregnant, this is my firt child like you, I am really worried about it because my diabetes type 1, in my case every day six a day I control my glucose with a meter.

I was worried about being hungry, too, and low-carb definitely takes some getting used to. But once you increase the amount of protein, fat, and fiber (especially from vegetables) in your diet, you won't be hungry or crave carbs as much. My blood sugar is much more level this way, and I find the only times I really crave carbs are when my blood sugar is really low.