Prejudice against diabetics


Much is said about the “epidemic” of diabetes, but the information that reaches the people do not differentiate the types of Diabetes Mellitus. Type 1 diabetes is a disease of genetic character, a term that people immediately connect to the wrong question of heredity, since the genetic character of the person is in each individual gene. When the disease is hereditary passes from generation to generation, sometimes skip a generation.
The type 1 diabetic is unable to produce their own insulin or produces it in minute quantities, due to an individual’s own immune attack to the pancreas, specifically the beta cells of the same, which are insulin-producing, characterizing the disease as self -immune.
The times of application, meal, blood glucose meter, follow a script, in which the times have to be obeyed in order to avoid a sudden drop of glucose (hypoglycemia) or even an increase (hyperglycemia).
Still, according to the manual Living well with diabetes (abbott) in the case of children, which is quite common, whereas the highest incidence of this type occurs between the ages of 0-20 years, some care has to be obeyed, as :

  • Teacher (ES) should know and understand:
    What is Diabetes Type 1
    What does high or low sugar in the blood, and how to proceed in such cases and facing possible emergencies
    Encourage self-monitoring, without the child be embarrassed before others, and if necessary help to implement the insulin
    Allow the child to leave the class as often as needed to urinate.
    Observe and respect the student’s food plan for holding snacks or meals.
    Allowing a child to feed during the class, if blood glucose is low or when any symptoms of hypoglycemia, performing the test after 15 to 20 minutes food intake and disappearance of symptoms
    That the child should be treated as equal before the others, including informing classmates.
    As far as possible all activities should be planned, without this meaning that the exclusion of same.

A report on my blog left me very concerned:
A grieving mother, a daughter of 12 years diabetic, and the school “invited to leave the same,” absurd.
It had another that due to uncontrolled blood glucose, got an infection and was removed for a period, when it returned, was diverted to function, and feeling excluded from the group.
Myself, one of the incentives to create the blog was due to events during my Masters in Molecular Biology.
My old supervisor, not the current, it noted, he felt that my hypos were only to miss me or leave the lab, I thought I was doing drama.
Not to mention highly unethical treatment, with some even rude to shoot me.
Being type 1 diabetic is not easy, not that you are unable, on the contrary, we kill a lion every day, but with limits, we can do EVERYTHING.
I decided recently to launch a tender in the democratic city site that is precisely the broad dissemination of what is type 1 diabetes, and what are their consequences, the best way to combat prejudice is through information.
The word carries a strong bias in name, but nothing more than a concept is predetermined by one or more people about something or something without the knowledge of it, many times, but the majority wrong.
I founded an NGO to support type 1 diabetes mellitus-One Support for type 1 diabetics, the site is highly informative and is already being developed in the same status.