Press Release: Medtronic and Qualcomm to develop a more affordable CGM system, with a focus on those living with Type 2 diabetes

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Sharing this press release received from Medtronic. I wonder what affordable, accessible cgm technology would look like? I often wonder if it will ever become standard procedure and protocol when diagnosed…“Here is your diagnosis, medication and cgm…” Full article link at bottom of page.

Medtronic and Qualcomm Collaborate to Aim to Improve Care and Health Outcomes for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Joint Development of Future Generation Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems Aims to Provide Actionable Insights to Help Deliver Integrated Diabetes Care

DUBLIN and SAN DIEGO - May 25, 2016 - Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT) and Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM) through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Qualcomm Life, Inc., today announced a global, multi-year collaboration to jointly develop future generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems that aim to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes. By giving insights to doctors and people with type 2 diabetes concerning glucose levels, the companies intend to enable more informed care, especially for those who do not have control of their diabetes today. The collaboration seeks to leverage Medtronic’s market-leadership in diabetes management and Qualcomm Life’s expertise in developing reference designs for wireless, single-use and small integrated modules to create more affordable, easier-to-use CGM systems, including a new sensor and smaller design that can provide near real-time and retrospective glucose data.

The initial focus of the collaboration will be to develop a single-use CGM system designed for broader practice by general practitioners who manage care for the vast majority of the 400 million people worldwide with type 2 diabetes. This collaboration supports Medtronic’s strategy to develop comprehensive CGM solutions that not only measure glucose but enable the delivery of actionable insights to both patients and providers.

Leveraging Qualcomm Life’s deep wireless expertise and technologies, 2net™ Design is a platform for designing the communications components of connected medical devices, including disposable drug delivery devices and disposable diagnostic devices for condition specific connected therapies.

“We believe that glucose should be a vital sign of diabetes health. Professional CGM is an increasingly used diagnostic tool that empowers physicians and patients with meaningful glucose data to tackle glucose control. Our solutions go beyond delivering data and provide automated observations and clinical decision support to help create a personalized care plan,” said Laura Stoltenberg, vice president and general manager, Non-Intensive Diabetes Therapies at Medtronic. “Our vision is to transform diabetes care so people with diabetes can enjoy greater freedom and better health. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Qualcomm Life - a best-in-class leader in wireless technologies that is ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing connected world - to develop innovative and affordable CGM systems that will fundamentally change type 2 diabetes management.”

“Qualcomm Life’s connected health expertise along with our enabling 2net Connectivity Platform and 2net Design capabilities fit naturally with Medtronic’s diabetes leadership in bringing future generation CGM systems to market,” said Rick Valencia, president and general manager, Qualcomm Life, Inc. “This collaboration furthers our commitment of enabling new connected care models that liberate vital data and unlock insights to deliver intelligent care wherever the patient may be.”

Advanced CGM solutions are a critical element of an integrated care model. By building an ecosystem of industry leading partners, Medtronic aims to deliver more than just devices and provide intelligent solutions that improve outcomes, while lowering the overall cost of care.

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Let’s hope it comes close to the accuracy of the Dexcom system!

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Its nice to see research in CGM technology that is designed especially for T2 patients. T2 is often overlooked when it comes to CGM devices. I fail to see how CGM can be different between T1 and T2 but its nice to know that the needs of T2 are being considered.

For so long CGMs have been thought of as unnecessary for T2, If you are insulin dependent T2 a CGM should be a no-brainer but it could be a great teaching tool for the newly diagnosed. Just imagine how seeing ones constant glucose level could be an eye opener, especially when it show the relationship between carbohydrates and food.

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