PreTeen son extremely high at night

Recently, in just the past week, my son (11 yrs old) has been going really high (over 200) most nights but not all nights. He uses a pump and Dexcom G4 so I’ve been trying to follow a trend, but I haven’t yet found any connection to foods or exercise. His CGM is set to alarm if over 150 so I have been getting up at night and bolusing again and again. I have also set temp basals…At first I set the temp basals to 130% but since that had no affect, I set the temp basel higher and higher. Last night I set the temp basal at 200% but he still went high to about 175 and stayed there until early morning. Since this has been happening most nights but not all nights I am scared to increase his basal rates. Has anyone ever experienced this big jump in insulin needs? Is this hormones or a growth spurt? Please let me know if you have any advice.

I was 16 when I was dx’ed so I never had the 11 year old experience but I’m connected to a local group and a lot of the kids in the 11-15-16-18 year old range seem to take a lot of insulin. Maybe growth hormones but if the BG is high, despite what you’re describing, maybe adjust ratios and rates, or call your doc and see what they say? Good luck!

Hi, Yifat.

It looks like your son is not recently diagnosed, so this is something you have not otherwise experienced the likes of.

My son, Caleb - age 12, has experienced this sort of thing quite a bit over the 8 plus years since he was diagnosed. There are periods where he cruises along overnight, then there are the nights that activity during the day impacts overnight bgs, or food is the culprit for non-correcting highs. But there are other times when, like you, I feel like I’ve eliminated other variables and can’t figure out why his insulin needs are higher. I’ve attributed it to growth because I have no other explanation. He’ll have a few nights of highs, I’ll raise basals, he’ll plateau, and then we’ll start seeing lower bgs and I lower the basals back down.

Over the years his overall basal needs have grown, but it’s been gradual. These more significant changes seem only temporary.

In these past six months, I’ve noticed this happen during the day - highs with no explanation. I increase all his insulin dosing, he plateaus and then he comes out of it. Because I can’t otherwise explain it, I’m thinking it could be hormonal.

I’m sorry I can’t more definitely respond. :blush: Happy to know what others’ experiences have been.



My Endo specifically said hormones can and will play a role in glucose levels. I have had nights were my daughter was in the 300 and I have to keep giving her insulin every couple of hours before she finally starting coming down. Yes growth spurts!

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during my puberty my insulin requirements exploded. i remember, when i got my pump aged 10 i had a basal rate of 8 units per day. by the time i was 14, i was at over 20 units, once hitting 28. now i am between 18 and 24, units depending on the time of the month. diabetes unfortunately is a thing where you have to act extremely quickly and “go with the flow”, give what you need.
hoping you get a hold of things soon

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This may not help since I am an adult type 1, but my BG is high 1- 4 AM if I eat after 7:30 PM. Even with a bolus for a late snack, there is still a high. If I avoid carbs after that time each evening, I avoid the highs while sleeping.

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