Problems with New Dexcom

After reading many of your positive comments about Dexcom's accuracy and after wearing a rep's loaner for 2 weeks with excellent results (compared to my old Medtronic sensor worn at the same time), I bought the Dexcom. It worked great for 5 days. Then I had a meter reading 60 pts. different than the Dexcom. (I had been doing no exercise; just sitting at a desk.) Since the arrow was level, I decided to calibrate. 20 minutes later I got "???" I read the manual that indicated to wait up to 3 hours for it to self correct. I also called the help line and was told the same thing. For 2 1/2 hours there were no numbers, and then when they reappeared, they were way off for the next 18 hours (up to 100 pts) despite my calibrating several times. I removed the sensor and put on another which started off not too good either but is improving. Any ideas on what I may have done wrong?

Sounds like it could be a sensor problem, every once in a while you'll get a bad sensor and there's not much you can do in that case. Or, did you happen to take tylenol? Tylenol will mess up your readings a lot. Good luck trouble shooting, stick with it for a little longer, though, the Dexcom is totally worth it!

You probably have done nothing wrong, but they need to replace it........

I have been using a CGMS for many many years and like all meters they can at times be random
number generators...when they figure out how to get reliability out of them we will get a closed loop system and no longer have to worry about this mess.....Sorry you expected more but you have the very best there is....

I can't even tell you how many times my CGM will just start to flat line when I'm sitting at my desk or sleeping....this happens to most CGM users....

We are all just paying for the development...but I don't mind being a test monkey, if we do not keep spending the money they will not keep developing the is all about the money.

Thanks for your input. I thought of Tylenol as well, but no, I have had none since starting Dexcom. I have been using Medtronic sensors for 2 years, and they were truly finicky 95% of the time. So I am really looking forward to more accuracy with the Dexcom. Sure hope it happens consistently.

You are right about the sensor's being replaced. Dexcom sent me a new sensor the next day after my call to the company. I was thankful and impressed for their doing that so quickly. I am used to Medtronic's sensors which almost always presented inaccuracies and problems. I just wasn't expecting my very first Dexcom sensor to go bad so quickly, but I'll keep on trying. Thanks for your comments.

I’ve had two kind of inaccurate sensors in one year. Prolonged aerobic exercise has given me blank and question a few times. I may have calibrated while unsteady. It’s important to have confidence in the readings